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Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - 7 December 2012

Big Planet Comics
December 7, 2012

2X podcast + Best of 2012 Countdown!

Aw yeah extra podcasts for you!

Speaking of, we are compiling our Best of 2012 lists and it is already gargantuan! But as much as we try to read everything, we always miss something! So if you read a graphic novel you LOVED this year, make sure it is on our list for consideration! The starter list is posted on facebook, so reply on there or email us with additions!

Or anything else you thought was amazing! You can listen to our Best of 2011 podcast and see how many categories we cover, so let us know what is great from 2012 so far!

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- the Big Planet Comics kids



Avengers #1

by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena

Nick calls it the best Marvel Now book yet! Hickman brings scifi adventure on an epic scale to the Avengers! Plus Opena knocks it out of the park AGAIN! Must buy!

Nowhere Men #1

by Eric Stephenson and Nate Bellegarde

After a team of super genius scientists attempt to change the world, a group of researchers are all trapped in a lab after being infected with a strange virus. Bizarre and interesting start to scifi thriller!

FF #1

by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred

Another Marvel Now new direction! As the Fantastic Four prepare for their voyage, they each elect someone to fill in for them while they're gone, leading to some hilarious character exchanges and interviews with all of the supporting cast in this fun issue!

The Legend of Luther Strode #1

by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore
Luther Strode is back! But it's five years later, and after the brutal ending of the first series, what has he become and what is he doing? Insane violence kicks this back off!

Remake 3xtra SC

by Lamar Abrams

A new set of Remake stories! Even better, one focuses on Cardigan and a night out on the town with space disco! Plus ice attacks. Super hilarious adventures and cartooning, and amazing stories by local creator Lamar! Get it now!

The Adventures of Leeroy and Popo SC

by Louis Roskosch

A great new Nobrow book about two video game slackers and their strangely affecting and moving life, especially as one dreams of asking out the cute girl at the coffee shop! Plus they're animals.

My Little Pony #1

by Katie Cook and Andy Price

The smash TV sensation comes to comics! Queen Chrysalis is back! Some of the ponies are acting really weird! What's going on? Plus some cute short stories in the back!

all ages!

Hellboy in Hell #1

by Mike Mignola
Hellboy finally returns with Mignola both writing and drawing! Threads are woven together in this journey that, well, you see the title!

All New X-Men #3
Fury Max Vol 1 My War Gone By SC
Great Pacific #2
House Of Fun One Shot
Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol 4 SC
Pigs Vol 2 SC
Storm Dogs #2
Think Tank SC
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Bendis Vol 2 SC
X-O Manowar Vol 1 By The Sword SC

Big Planet Comics Podcast #67
"Legend of Man of Steel"
This week, Kevin, Nick, and Jared review a bunch of new comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!

August Moon SC by Diana Thung
Avengers #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena
BlackAcre #1 by Duffy Boudreau and Wendell Cavalcanti
Human Bomb #1 by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Jerry Ordway
The Legend of Luther Strode #1 by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore
Thunderbolts #1 by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon

Send us questions to or leave a voicemail at 1-703-539-CAST! (1-703-539-2278)

Big Planet Comics Podcast #66
"It's All A Blur"
This week, Kevin, Nick, and Jared review a bunch of new comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!

Captain America #1 by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.
Clone #1 by David Schulner and Juan Jose Ryp
Comeback #1 by Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh
FF #1 by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred
The Grand Duke HC by Yann and Romain Hugault
Indestructible Hulk #1 by Mark Waid and Leinel Yu
The Adventures of Leeroy and Popo SC by Louis Roskosch
Nowhere Men #1 by Eric Stephenson and Nate Bellegarde
Remake 3xtra SC by Lamar Abrams

12/25 Xmas

1/1 New Year's Day Sale!
All our stores!

New Next Week 12/12

(Let us know if you want any of these!)
Activity #10                                             
Adventures of Dr McNinja Vol 2 Timefist SC
Adventure Time Cover Showcase One Shot    
Adventure Time Marceline SCream Queens #6 
Age of Apocalypse #10           
Age of Bronze #32 
Amazing Spider-Man #699.1       
Ame Comi Girls #3 (of 5) Featuring Duela Dent       
Archer & Armstrong (New) #5 
Army of Darkness Ongoing #7     
Artifacts #23                 
Atomic Robo Flying She Devils of the Pacific #5 (of 5)
Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures SC
Attack On Titan Vol 3 SC
Avengers Arena #1 Now         
Avengers Assemble #10 Now       
B & V Friends Double Digest #230  
Batgirl #15 (DOTF)               
Batman #15 (DOTF)              
Batman and Robin #15 (DOTF)     
Batman Arkham Unhinged #9        
Battle Angel Alita Last Order Vol 16 SC
Battlefields #2 (of 6) Green Fields Beyond Pt 2
Before Watchmen Dr Manhattan #3 (of 4)
Before Watchmen Rorschach #3 (of 4) 
Big Book of Mischief SC
Billy Kids Oddities & Orm Loch Ness #3 (of 4)  
Blood Lad Vol 1 SC
Bloodshot #6 
Body Bags Vol 2 SC
BTVS Season 8 Library Vol 3 HC
BTVS Season 9 Freefall #16 
Cable and X-Force #1 Now
Caligula Heart of Rome #1 (of 6)
Captain America By Ed Brubaker Vol 2 SC
Carnage USA SC  
Change #1 (of 4) 
Clone #2                        
Conan The Barbarian #11          
Couriers Complete Collection SC
Courtney Crumrin #8      
Creep #4                       
Criminal Macabre/Final Night 30 Days #1 
Crossed Badlands #19 
Dan The Unharmable #8 
Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol 2 SC
Dark Avengers #184              
Deadman Vol 3 SC
Deadpool Dead HC              
Deathstroke #15                
Demon Knights #15              
Elephantmen Vol 5 Devilish Functions SC
Essential X-Factor Vol 5 SC
Ex Sanguine #3 (of 5)
Exile On Planet of the Apes SC
Extermination #7 
Fanboys Vs Zombies #9 
Fangoria #319 
Fantastic Four #2 Now          
Fear Agent Vol 1 HC
Ferals Vol 1 SC
Frankenstein Agent of Shade #15 (Rot)     
Garfield Vol 1 SC
Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood #20 
Ghostbusters #16       
GI Joe Vol 2 #20       
Grandville Bete Noire HC 
Green Lantern Corps #15 (Rise)   
Green Lantern The Animated Series #9   
Grendel Omnibus Vol 2 Legacy SC
Grifter #15                      
Hollows #1 (of 4)              
Incredible Hulk By Jason Aaron Vol 1 SC
Iron Man #4 Now              
It Girl & The Atomics #5         
Justice League of America Omega SC
Kamandi Last Boy On Earth Omnibus Vol 2 HC
Knights of The Dinner Table #192 
Legion Lost #15                  
Lenore Volume II #7              
Life With Archie #25
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #9   
Marvel Universe Vs Avengers #3 (of 4)   
Massive #7                       
Mega Man #20 
Mega Man Vol 4 Spiritus Ex Machina SC
Monsters Inc #1 (of 2)          
Nancy In Hell (On Earth) SC
New Avengers By Brian Michael Bendis Vol 3 SC
Parker The Hunter SC           
Point of Impact #3 (of 4) 
Popeye #8                  
Ravagers #7                    
Red Sonja Atlantis Rises #4     
Revival Vol 1 You're Among Friends SC
Rocketeer Adventures Vol 2 HC
Rust Vol 2 HC
Saucer Country #10 
SCarlet Spider #12              
Sherlock Holmes Liverpool Demon #1 (of 5)  
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow Vol 1 SC
Space 1999 Aftershock & Awe 
Spider-Man Danger Zone HC   
Spongebob Comics #15          
Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Vol 1 Force Storm SC
Star Wars Lost Tribe of the Sith #5 (of 5) Spiral 
Strain #9 (of 12) 
Suicide Squad #15 (DOTF)        
Sumo GN
Superboy #15                  
Supurbia #2 
Team 7 #3                   
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #17 
To Hell You Ride #1 (of 5)       
Transformers Robots In Disguise #12     
Transformers Spotlight Orion Pax One Shot    
Uglies Cutters SC
Ultimate Comics Iron Man #3 (of 4)  
Ultimate Comics X-Men #20       
Venom #27                      
Walking Dead #105 
Walking Dead Omnibus Vol 4 HC
Winter Soldier #13                
Wolverine #317                    
World of Archie Double Digest #24  
X-Treme X-Men #7.1

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