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Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - 24 December 2012

Big Planet Comics

December 24, 2012

Closed X-Mas! Spidey #700! 20% off Sale

So much news! We are open today, December 24, from 11 to 5 or so! If you need last minute presents, stop on by. We will be closed December 25, but back to regular hours Wednesday, and we WILL have new comics! Not a lot is coming out this week, but there are some big ones: The last issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, the new Brian Wood scifi volleyball series Mara, the first two parts of the Aquaman/Justice League crossover, a new superhero fight to the death in Deathmatch, plus a few more!

We will also have a special short podcast up on Wednesday with reviews (and spoilers!) for the comics coming out this week.

Then next Tuesday, January 1st, is our annual 20% off everything New Year's Day sale! So don't forget to come by and see how tired we all look! Noon to 5, all locations!

We've got another list up on our facebook page, asking for input for our Best of 2012 lists! If you have any suggestions for the best kid's comic, let us know!

Best of 2012 categories so far!

Best Kids' Comics of 2012
Best Graphic Novel of 2012
Best New Series of 2012

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Amazing Spider-Man #700

by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos

The crazy Doc Ock storyline comes to an insane conclusion in the LAST ISSUE of Amazing Spider-Man ever! The story is super long, with two extra Spidey stories in the back. I cannot say more about this, but whoa! (We will review with spoilers on our next podcast.)

Iron, or The War After HC

by S. M. Vidaurri

When a civil war ends, who are the heroes and who are the traitors? A bleak book of terrible choices and ramifications, with a somber palate and humanoid animals. 

The Black Beetle #0

by Francesco Francavilla

A new pulp adventure in the mode of Hellboy! The Black Beetle takes on Nazi goons after a mystic artifact at the museum! Fun with great art.

JSA: The Whistling Skull #1

by B. Clay Moore and Tony Harris
The retro WW2 JSA returns in a new adventure! From Japan to Switzerland to flashbacks in England, they begin investigating people disappearing from a small village!

Mara #1

by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle

A new miniseries about the best volleyball player in the world, Mara! With all of the conflict of the world focused on intense sporting events, her choice of volleyball has elevated her to celebrity, but a surprise twist ending will shift that very quickly. Volleyball!

Cursed Pirate Girl 1 HC

by Jeremy Bastian

At last back in print, this stunningly detailed gorgeous comic is the tale of the Cursed Pirate Girl and her quest to find her dad, a pirate captain on the Omerta Seas! 

Django Unchained #1

by Quentin Tarantino and R. M. Guera and Jason Latour

Tarantino takes his original script and lets R. M. Guera (Scalped) turn it into a comic book! This might end up different than the film, and is off to a rousing and violent start!

Deathmatch #1

by Paul Jenkins and Carlos Magno
40 of the world's greatest heroes and villains are captured and forced to fight to the death in a strange arena! Plus their memories are selectively wiped, and they don't know who has captured them! Compelling mystery and brutal action.

The Alliance Of The Curious HC
Archie Best Of Dan Decarlo Vol 1 SC
Avengers #2 Now
Before The Incal HC
Chew Vol 6 Space Cakes SC
Comeback #2 (Of 5)
Danza SC
Empowered Special #3 Hell Bent Or Heaven Sent
Judge Dredd Complete Brian Bolland HC
Judge Dredd Garth Ennis Collection SC
Multiple Warheads Alphabet To Infinity #3 (Of 4)
Nancy Christmas Vol 2 Complete Dailies 1946-19 SC
Nightwing #15 (Dotf)
Nowhere Men #2
Pogo Comp Syndicated Strips Vol 2 Balderdash HC
Princeless Short Stories For Warrior Women #2 (Of 2)
Saga #8
Sharaz De HC
Spacehawk by Basil Wolverton SC
Uncanny X-Force #35
Where Is Jake Ellis #2 (Of 5)
Witch Doctor Malpractice #2 (Of 6)

Big Planet Comics Podcast #69
"Pirate Time"
This week, Kevin, Nick, and Jared review a bunch of new comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!

The Black Beetle #0 by Francesco Francavilla
Country Ass-Whuppin by Jason Aaron, Ryan Cody, Jason B. Love, Guus Floor, Sean Patrick Flanery, Rebekah Isaacs, Doug Wagner, Rob Haynes, Shannon Eric Denton, Nima Sorat, Chuck Brown, Julie Godwin, Nathan Edmonson, Tariq Hassan, Harold Sipe, and Tommy Smith
Cursed Pirate Girl 1 HC by Jeremy Bastian
Django Unchained #1 (of 5) by Quentin Tarantino and R. M. Guera and Jason Latour
Iron, or The War After HC by S.M. Vidaurri
JSA The Whistling Skull #1 by B. Clay Moore and Tony Harris

Send us questions to or leave a voicemail at 1-703-539-CAST! (1-703-539-2278)


12/25 Xmas

1/1 New Year's Day Sale!
All our stores!

New This Week 12/26

(Let us know if you want any of these!)
The Amazing Spider-Man #700
Aquaman #15
Avenging Spider-Man #15.1
Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #4 (of 4)
Crossed Badlands #20
Deathmatch #1
Eerie Presents: El Cid HC
Hip Flask: Ouroborous
Justice League #15
Mara #1 (of 6)
Shadow Special #1
Star Wars Omnibus Clone Wars 3: Republic SC
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