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Big Planet Comics Orbit Newsletter - 14 December 2012

Big Planet Comics

December 14, 2012

Best of 2012 Countdown & 53 covers

Our Best of 2012 lists are coming together, we've gotten some great suggestions for best Graphic Novel. Now it's time for Best New Series! Leave us a note on facebook or shoot us an email if you are amazed we forgot your favorite!

Best Graphic Novel of 2012
Best New Series of 2012

Also, the upcoming Justice League of America series will start in February with the team raising the American flag in the pose of the Marines and Corpsman on Iwo Jima. But they are also doing 52 variant covers, one for each state, DC and Puerto Rico! We can order any of these, but we have to know which ones you're interested in. If you definitely want a particular flag variant, leave a note on our facebook post about it, or email us back!

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- the Big Planet Comics kids



Avengers Arena #1

by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker

Well, they aren't kidding! Many of Marvel's teen heroes are thrown into a new Murderworld by Arcade and forced to fight to the death, Hunger Games style! Only one can survive, and one sure dies in this first issue! Whew!

Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #1

by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Matt Triano

A new Holmes case by the team behind the great The Trial of Sherlock Holmes! When confronted by the apparently supernatural, will Holmes hold to his science in the face of Spring Heeled Jack?

The Couriers: Complete SC

by Brian Wood, Rob G and Brett Weldele

All four classics by Wood in one book! Mercenary bike messengers in near future New York handle smuggling, black market runs, and the inevitable double cross!

Daredevil 2 SC

by Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera and Emma Rios
The astounding new Daredevil run continues, with some guest art by Rios, and Daredevil finding someone has stolen his father's body! JUST LOOK AT THAT COVER!

Cable & X-Force #1

by Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larocca

Cable starts putting together a new team, he finally reunites with Hope again, and there are some crazy confrontations with the other X-Men! A starter issue, but off to a good start!

Revival 1 SC

by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton

In rural Wisconsin, the dead begin returning to life. Is it a miracle, a sign of the end of the world, or something more? Rural horror as Officer Dana Cypress investigates and finds a terrible personal secret! Super creepy.

Parker 1: The Hunter SC

by Richard Stark and Darwyn Cooke

Cooke's amazing adaptations of the Parker books finally has the first one in softcover! A tough career criminal is double crossed by his partner and must go up against the mafia to get his revenge. An ultra classic!

Change #1

by Alex Kot and Morgan Jeske
Ok, this one is weird. A screenwriter clashes with the hip hop star who wants her to write a movie about him fighting Lovecraftian monsters. But there might really BE Lovecraftian cultists. All while an astronaut to Saturn prepares to return to Earth...
Adventures of Dr McNinja Vol 2 Timefist SC
Adventure Time Cover Showcase One Shot    
Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures SC
Attack On Titan Vol 3 SC
Battle Angel Alita Last Order Vol 16 SC
Big Book of Mischief SC
Caligula Heart of Rome #1 (of 6)
Criminal Macabre/Final Night 30 Days #1 
Elephantmen Vol 5 Devilish Functions SC
Fantastic Four #2 Now
Fear Agent Vol 1 HC
Ferals Vol 1 SC
Grandville Bete Noire HC 
Grendel Omnibus Vol 2 Legacy SC
Incredible Hulk By Jason Aaron Vol 1 SC
Kamandi Last Boy On Earth Omnibus Vol 2 HC
Nancy In Hell (On Earth) SC
Rocketeer Adventures Vol 2 HC
Rust Vol 2: Secrets of the Cell HC
Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Vol 1 Force Storm SC
Sumo SC
Uglies: Cutters SC

Big Planet Comics Podcast #68
"Why Must I Cry"
This week, Kevin, Nick, and Jared review a bunch of new comics! Download now or subscribe on iTunes!

Avengers Arena #1 by Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker
Cable and X-Force #1 by Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larocca
Change #1 by Alex Kot and Morgan Jeske
Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #1 by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Matt Triano
Upside Down: A Vampire Tale SC by Jess Smart Smiley

Send us questions to or leave a voicemail at 1-703-539-CAST! (1-703-539-2278)


12/25 Xmas

1/1 New Year's Day Sale!
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New Next Week 12/12

(Let us know if you want any of these!)
A Plus X #3 Now
Adventure Time #11
All New X-Men #4 Now
Alliance Of The Curious HC
Amazing Spider-Man #698 2nd Ptg
America's Got Powers #4 (Of 6)
Angel & Faith #17
Archie Best Of Dan Decarlo Vol 1 SC
Astonishing X-Men #57
Avengers #2 Now
Avengers Arena #2 Now
Avengers Mythos SC
Batwoman #15
Before The Incal HC
Before Watchmen Moloch #2 (Of 2)
Best Of Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 1 SC
Betty & Veronica #263
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #208 SC
Bionic Woman #6
Birds Of Prey #15
Black Beetle Night Shift #0
Blue Beetle #15
BPRD 1948 #3 (Of 5)
BPRD Hell On Earth Return Of The Master #5 (Of 5)
Bravest Warriors #3 (Of 6)
Cable And X-Force #2 Now
Captain America #2 Now
Captain America And Black Widow #640
Captain Marvel #8
Captain Marvel Vol 1 In Pursuit Of Flight SC
Carbon Grey Vol 2 #2 (Of 3)
Castle A Calm Before Storm #1 (Of 5)
Catwoman #15
Chew Vol 6 Space Cakes SC
Classic Popeye #5
Comeback #2 (Of 5)
Country Ass Whuppin Tornado Relief Anthology One Shot
Cursed Pirate Girl Vol 1 HC
Dames In The Atomic Age Vol 1 GN
Danza GN
Daredevil #21
Dark Horse Presents #19
Dark Shadows #11
DC Universe Presents #15
Django Unchained #1 (Of 5)
Empowered Special #3 Hell Bent Or Heaven Sent
Fables #124
FF #2 Now
FF By Jonathan Hickman Vol 3 SC
Freelancers #2
Gambit #7
Green Hornet #32
Green Lantern #15 (Rise)
Green Lantern New Guardians #15 (Rise)
Happy #3 (Of 4)
Harbinger #7
Haunt #28
Hawkeye #6
He Man And The Masters Of The Universe #5 (Of 6)
Hellblazer #298
Indestructible Hulk #2 Now
Invincible Iron Man Vol 9 Demon SC
Iron Or The War After HC
Joe Palooka #1
Journey Into Mystery #647 Now
Jsa Liberty Files The Whistling Skull #1 (Of 6)
Judge Dredd #2
Judge Dredd Complete Brian Bolland HC
Judge Dredd Garth Ennis Collection SC
Legion Of Super Heroes #15
Locke & Key Omega #2 (Of 7)
Macgyver Fugitive Gauntlet #3 (Of 5)
Mad Magazine #519
Magic Whistle #12
Mars Attacks #6
Masks #2
Multiple Warheads Alphabet To Infinity #3 (Of 4)
Nancy Christmas Vol 2 Complete Dailies 1946-19 GN
Nightwing #15 (Dotf)
Nowhere Men #2
Number 13 #1
Orchid Vol 2 SC
Pantha #5
Paradise Kiss Vertical Inc Ed Vol 2 SC
Pogo Comp Syndicated Strips Vol 2 Balderdash HC
Princeless Short Stories For Warrior Women #2 (Of 2)
Rachel Rising #13
Red Hood And The Outlaws #15 (Dotf)
Ripd City Of The Damned #2 (Of 4)
Rotten Apple One Shot
Saga #8
Scarlet Spider #12.1
Secret Avengers #35
Sharaz De HC
Simpsons Comics #197
Sixth Gun #27
Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #20
Sonic Universe #47
Spacehawk SC Wolverton
The Spider #7
Spider-Man Trouble On Horizon SC
Star Trek Next Generation Hive #3
Star Trek Tng Doctor Who Assimilation #8
Star Wars Agent Of The Empire Hard Targets #3 (Of 5)
Star Wars Dawn Of The Jedi Prisoner Of Bogan #2 (Of 5)
Super Dinosaur #16
Supergirl #15
Supreme #67
Sword Of Sorcery #3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Vol 03 SC
Thief Of Thieves #11
Thor God Of Thunder #3 Now
Thunderbolts #2 Now
Transformers More Than Meets Eye #12
Transfusion #2 (Of 3)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #18
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #19
Uncanny X-Force #35
Unwritten #44
Vagabond Vizbig Vol 11 SC
Vampirella #25
Venom #28
Michael Avon Oeming's The Victories #5
Wasteland #42
Where Is Jake Ellis #2 (Of 5)
Witch Doctor Malpractice #2 (Of 6)
Witchblade #162
Wolverine And X-Men #22
Wolverine And X-Men By Jason Aaron Vol 4 HC
Wolverine Back In Japan SC
Wonder Woman #15
X-Factor #249
X-Man Dance With Devil SC
X-Men Marvel Masterworks Vol 5 SC
X-Men Legacy #3 Now
X-Men Legacy Back To School SC
X-O Manowar #8
X-Treme X-Men #8
Young Justice #23
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