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September 26th, 2012
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uncanny avengers launch  


 Uncanny Avengers Launch Party!!

October 10th, 2013

 Come into the store  on Wednesday, October 10th for the special release of Uncanny Avengers.  We will have special lithographs, buttons, and other items for you!



We have created a brand-new SALE SECTION in the store!  Be sure to check it out because we have some great items, in addition to great prices!  At least 50% or more off selected items.








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New Comic Book titles this week 9-26-12


Best Discounts in the area--Not just a slogan, we really do have the best price discounts when you become a Game On! Comics Loyalty Member!  Details here:  Loyalty Membership  

Ultimate Comics Ultimate

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16


One thing the Ultimate Universe is known for is being able to do big things that you would never see in the regular Marvel Universe. We've seen major deaths (with many of them actually sticking) and stories go in places you'd never expect. This is one of those stories. What happens in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES this week is something we've thought about often but now it's actually going to happen and it won't be a WHAT IF--? story.  




All Star Western #0

Amazing Spider-Man #694

American Vampire #31

Angel & Faith #14

Aquaman #0

Astonishing X-Men #54

Axe Cop: President Of The World #3 (L)

Batman Incorporated #0

Batman The Dark Knight #0

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #3

Bionic Man #13

Captain America And Black Widow #637

Captain Marvel #4

Critter (Ongoing) #4

Crossed Badlands #14

Dancer #5

Deadpool #61

Debris #3

Dragon Age: Those Who Speak #2

Elephantmen #43

Elric: The Balance Lost #12 (L)

FF #22

Flash #0

Fury Max #6

Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Men #0

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #182

Gambit #3

Gearhearts: Steampunk Glamor Revue #4

Godstorm #0

Goon #42

Happy #1

Hawken #6 (L)

Hellraiser #18

Hero Worship #3

Higher Earth #5

Hit-Girl #3

I Vampire #0

Idolized #2

Incredible Hulk #14

Invincible #95

Invincible Iron Man #525

Journey Into Mystery #644

Justice League Dark #0

Magic The Gathering: Spell Thief #3

Mars Attacks #4

Mind Mgmt #5

Mind The Gap #5

New Deadwardians #7

Night Stalker Oversized 1-Shot

Phantom Lady #2

Punisher #16

Queen Sonja #32

Rachel Rising #11

Red Lanterns #0

Rose And Thorn (National Comics) #1

Savage Hawkman #0

Secret Avengers #31

Shadow Annual #1

Sixth Gun #25

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #17

Soulfire Vol 4 #2

Space Punisher #3

Spider, The #5

Star Trek TNG / Doctor Who Assimilation #5

Star Wars: Darth Maul - Death Sentence #3

Steed & Mrs Peel Ongoing #1

Stitched #8

Super Dinosaur #14

Superman #0

Takio #3

Talon #0

Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #76

Teen Titans #0

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing #14

Tower Chronicles Vol 1 Geisthawk

Transformers: More Than Meets Eye #9

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Ann. 2012

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #16

Ursa Minor #3

Vampirella #23

Voodoo #0

Winter Soldier #11

Wolverine #313

Wolverine And The X-Men #17

Wonderland #3

X-Men #36

X-Men Legacy #274

X-Treme X-Men #4





Adventure Time #8

Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #6

Simpsons: Treehouse Of Horror #18

Superman Family Adventures #5





Dave Stevens Stories & Covers HC

Ultimate Comics X-Men By Spencer TP Vol 1

Uncanny X-Men By Gillen HC Vol 3

Venom: Circle Of Four TP

Wolverine And X-Men By Aaron HC Vol 3

X-Men: War Machines TP





Batman Arkham City S3: Azrael, Batman, Penguin

Marvel Legends 6" AF Asst (Mar 2011)



New Games 
D-Day Dice
Eaten by Zombies:In Cahoots
Go 500: Racing Dice Game 





Game Nights 


Sunday Nights, 5pm-9pm

D and D






Tuesday Nights 6pm-9pm

heroclix logo  


Heroclix Casual Play


kaijudo logo  New Kaijudo League Play continuing this Tuesday night at 7pm.   

Brand new card based game by the makers of Magic the Gathering.  Geared to be a little easier than MTG.  Want to try it out?  Come on Tuesdays, weekly demos. 





Wednesday Nights 7-11pm

Magic the Gathering




Casual Play and booster Draft.



Friday Night, 7pm

Friday night magic logo

 Booster Draft Tournament--$25


 Win promo cards and boosters from M13!



Saturdays 4-7pm

Heroclix--Chaos War Event
HC chaos war logo





Heroclix at Game On! Comics this Saturday, September 29th, at 4 p.m., Infinity Gauntlet! The Final Battle! The Infinity Gauntlet series of events has been building to this, the showdown for Thanos! Buy two boosters at the venue and build a 500 point force, no single figure over 299 points. In the event you have a booster with a 300 point or over figure, you can choose to still use the rest of that booster to build your force, or a "mulligan" booster will be available. Build your force and be ready, who will wield the ultimate power?


To compete for Thanos, you must have competed in at least four (4) of the previous Gauntlet events at the venue. There will be prizes for those playing this week who haven't had that chance, and participation prizes for everyone who attends this week!





Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and Fellowship!




Congrats to last weeks winners: 


1st: Tim D.

2nd: Greyson

Fellowship: Tony






 Comic Review

 Talon #0 





This coming Wednesday, DC Comics is launching their first-ever series with a brand-new character from The New 52. The book is called Talon and it's spinning out of the pages of Scott Snyder's monumental run on Batman and his Court of Owlsstoryline.

Talon is a renegade named Calvin Rose, the only assassin to escape the clutches of the Court of Owls.

This first zero issue sets him on his path and it's a great read from Scott Snyder, co-writer James T. Tynion IV, and artist Guillem March. It has all the feeling of The Fugitive mixed with a Harry Houdini adventure. And since it's tied in some small way to the Batman mythos (and Snyder).

The thing I love about the things Snyder is involved in is the literary sensibility he brings every issue he works on. He brings something to the table that isn't often seen in comics and I'm really glad he's doing it.


--Huffington Post




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