Wednesday, September 05, 2012

1958 photo of comic books for sale


Interior of ships service at Naval Hospital. [Scene. Comic books. Store.] Pensacola, Florida. 07/21/1958.
Courtesy of US Navy BUMED Office of Medical History 09-5044-023

I ran across this photograph at work today. The comic books visible are all Dell - Donald Duck, Porky Pig, Tarzan and Tweety & Sylvester. Note the spinner rack says Buy Approved Comics and has a picture of the Comic Code Authority seal. Also note there's a girl reading the comics, but she moved when the picture was taken so we can't tell what she's looking at.


Leonardo De Sá said...

The little girl isn’t moving in the classic sense, she’s really vibrating very quickly between dimensions/planes, while reading a comic book *and* chewing some gum, like any young one can do...

Matt Dembicki said...

I like the CCA logo on top of the spinner rack.