Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PR: Watch America's Greatest Otaku in DC

TOKYOPOP Roboblast!
Watch America's Greatest Otaku Episode 5 on Hulu!
March 24, 2011




A BIG shout out to Baltimore,
Washington DC, and New York!!


(And of course, don't forget about our contests just for AGO Fans -- details at the bottom!)

America's Greatest Otaku,
a revealing eight-episode documentary series that searches the United States for the number one American otaku, heads to Baltimore, Washington DC, and New York!   

Stu and the Otaku six are fueling up for another week! 
Sully looks like he wants to finish his breakfast...


Who's Da Entertainer?  Home Made Kazoku!

Let's keep in all in the Familia



But let's not forget the classics: here's Italy playing the flute! 


With all this music going around, let's dance.


And we have special guest star M. Alice LeGrow, creator of Bizenghast! 


With her, the awesome author brought along Bubbles!



Aww, Bubbles is so cute...



 ... but ninja are scary!! 


Hot spots in this episode includes Otakon, Geppi's Entertainment Museum, the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum, Alice's Tea Cup, New York Ninja, and interviews with Dr. Natsu Onoda Power, Reni Mimura, and I-ChiP!    


Be sure to tune in to Hulu every Thursday for new episodes of America's Greatest Otaku!  



Yay for another AGO contest! Watch EPISODE 5 NOW, and we'll post up how to enter the contest on the AGO website later today :) 



To learn more about the show, as well see exclusive bonus content (such as extended interviews, clips, etc.), be sure to keep visiting americasgreatestotaku.com!









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