Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lorna: Relic Wrangler and DC's occult layout

Read the interview to discover more about the pull quotes I grabbed.

Introducing "Lorna: Relic Wrangler"

by Josh Wigler, February 28th, 2011


If you've ever found yourself transfixed by the stunning architecture that our nation's capitol has to offer, just know that you're not alone -- except you're not likely to saw through the topmost tip of the Washington Monument for world-saving, supernatural treasure-hunting purposes, are you? No, that's more Lorna's thing.



In this issue, we're getting into the conspiracy theories of Washington, D.C. and its whole occult layout. Lorna has been sent there by Vern to turn back a cosmic catastrophe with the United States as ground zero. She needs to get a certain object from a certain memorial there to stop this from happening.


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