Thursday, December 31, 2009

Comicsgirl interviews with Jo Chen, Laura Martin and Tonya Kay

I just realized I hadn't been reading Comicsgirl this fall (sorry!), so I ran back through her blog until summer. Here's 3 other good interviews she's done:

Five questions with Tonya Kay, Monday, 19 October 2009 - with 'superhero' reality show star.

Five questions with Laura Martin, Thursday, 8 October 2009 - with one of the best colorists in the business.

Five questions with Jo Chen, Thursday, 1 October 2009 - with our local comics cover painter.


Randy said...

I helped set up the Jo and Laura interviews prior to the Baltimore show, so I sought them out just before the show itself. I thought she did a spectacular job, and both of those interviews were fascinating reads. Fine work.

Mike Rhode said...

Well, where were you when it came to linking to them, co-author?

Eden said...

Thanks for the links! And thanks to Randy for helping out (once again). Both Jo and Laura were wonderful.

Mike Rhode said...

Glad to do so. I look forward to more.

Randy said...

I please "throes of Baltimore Comic-Con pre-show madness." This was the first year I was really fully engaged pre-show, and was shocked at how many things were thrown my way. I enjoyed it, but between the little things (adding friend requests on the social network sites), the medium things (coordinating press passes and interview access to guests), and the big things (weekly or more press releases), remembering to post to this blog might have leaked. :-P

I'll try to do better in the future, boss!