Monday, December 14, 2009

AIV Primer Makes Politics and Prose's List while including local cartoonist

I posted a link to the whole list recently, but Jim Dougan pointed out that he's in it - in fact his Sam and Lilah is highlighted. I like it quite a bit, and have bought the minicomic from him too.

THE ACT-I-VATE PRIMER (IDW, $24.99) is the first print edition of the webcomics available on, an award-winning webcomic collective. Publishing something new every day, Act-I-Vate has assembled some of the best comic creators in the industry. There's a little of everything in the collection, from the fantasy, sword-and-sorcery dreams of "Sam and Lilah," to the childlike fable of "Goodnight, Max," to the incomplete undersea fantasy of "Loviathan," Act-I-Vate Primer maintains a surprisingly high quality of uncensored creator-owned work and is a perfect window into this fast growing, unbridled community. Adam Waterreus "

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