Thursday, August 20, 2009

Washington Post Weekly ceasing publication, affects editorial cartoonists

The Washington Post Weekly is apparently ceasing publication, which affects editorial cartoonists. In his article "Bad things come in threes" The Steve Greenberg Blog August 13th, 2009, Greenberg notes:

The WP Weekly stood out for running more editorial cartoons than probably any publication in the country, save for cartooning-oriented periodicals like The Funny Times. Their pay was very low — $10 per cartoon — but they ran cartoons on nearly every page, dozens per issue.

Just as significantly, they were willing to run work beyond the usual syndicated people, giving never-syndicated cartoonists such as myself valuable national exposure, as well as the prestigious Washington Post name to mention. I've had cartoons in the WP Weekly one, two or three times a year for many years now, including places I've worked that never had national exposure.

I've never even heard of this publication, probably because I'm a regular Post subscriber, but it's a shame another venue is gone. I wonder if a syndicate or a bunch of editorial cartoonists should try putting together their own monthly subscription publication?

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richardcthompson said...

damn, I did covers for them, back like 15, 20 years ago. they paid well for 'em too...