Monday, August 24, 2009

PR: Cartooning in Conflict, a New Project from the Parents Circle/Families Forum

I was interested to see this spinoff of Cartooning for Peace is due to come to DC at some point.

Cartooning in Conflict

The PCFF, together with Israel's most famous cartoonist 'Kichka' as curator, have created an exhibition of cartoons with a reflection on conflict, its consequences and in many of the works hope and reconciliation. This exhibit, will act as a catalyst for the Parents Circle - Families Forum to bring its message of empathy rather than revenge, of dialog rather than violence to an audience who might otherwise never have been exposed to an alternative to the hatred and impasse in the Middle East. Some of the world's most famous cartoonists, many of whom have won the "Pulitzer" and other prestigious awards have contributed their works to this exhibition which will include round 60 - 100 cartoons.

We created a calendar from the cartoons that displays the Moslem, Jewish, Druze and Christian holidays. We will also create a catalog. All the funds from the sale of the above will go towards the education project in Israeli and Palestinian schools. The Exhibition will open in September 12, 20:00 PM, at the Cartoon Museum in Holon Israel, and we hope Bethlehem or Ramalla and then travel to many European Capitals. We would like to bring it to New York in 2010. It will then go to Washington where we are exploring venues. We would also like to send it to the West Coast as well as Miami. The Exhibition will always be accompanied by a Palestinian and an Israeli member of our group so that lectures on reconciliation will be part of all venues. Being exposed to the cartoons and also to a Palestinian and Israeli who have paid the highest price and yet are willing to speak in one voice for reconciliation, can only benefit any audience.

Famous names like Oliphant, Danziger, Donnelly and Morin from the States, No Rio, Japan, Plantu France, El-Roto Spain, Wilcox Australia are just a small example of the quality of work.

The calendar is a perfect gift for the holiday season!

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