Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fantom Comics announces new online subscription process

Here's their PR.

Important Announcement!!!!!


Making proverbial lemons out of lemonade, Fantom management has taken time freed up from managing 2 stores (RIP Tenleytown), and is using it to make the comic book shopping experience better for our customers, our most valuable resource!

One such improvement is gradually moving our subscription service to Comixology: Comixology is an online comic book resource that will allow you to manage your own subscriptions, ensuring that books are never overlooked.

Here's the deal:

This is a gradual transition. We recommend you follow the instructions below and sign up for Comixology right away. It really is a very fun website. However, Fantom's pull service will not switch to Comixology until Wednesday, September 2. Prior to that date, we will answer questions, email you your current pull list should you like (email us at for questions or to request your pull list), and ensure everyone is on the new system in time so nobody gets left behind. Until September 2nd, management will pull only your current subscriptions (or updates you give the clerk at the store, or email to us, per usual).

Comixology Instructions (more detailed instructions will be available on the
Fantom Comics website by week's end):

1) Log on to

2) Sign Up

3) Once you've signed up, and are signed in, connect to Fantom Comics so we can pull your books each week. Paste the following link into your browser for Fantom's page on comixology:

4) Select the "Retailer Connect" button on the left-hand side of the page

5) Sign yourself up! Note that the sign up fields on some computers come up messy. The first field is for your first name, the second field is for your last name and the third field is for your phone number. Fantom Comics requires your full name and phone number for our records. However, it does not change your username and in no way makes your personal information public!

6) Once you've signed up and connected you can set up your Pull List: a. Search for a title you'd like b. When you find it, either click on "Pull" for just that issue, or "Subscribe" for all issues of that series

7) When you're done selecting the books you'd like, go to the Subscriptions tab to review your choices

8) When you opt to subscribe to a comic book series, the default setting is for the monthly issues of that series. If you hit the Edit button in the Subscriptions page, you'll have the option to request: a. Trade Paperbacks of that title as well as the series b. Just the Trade Paperbacks (by clicking that option and un-clicking the comic option) c. 2nd Printings when on offer d. Variants

As stated above, by the end of this week Fantom will have posted all of the rules and guidelines on its homepage. In the meantime, spend the month of August getting comfortable with Comixology and all it has to offer.

thanks as always,

Fantom Management

Union Station - 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE | Washington, DC 20002 | 202-216-9478

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