Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quick Reviews for Comics Due 08-19-09

By John Judy
A.D.: NEW ORLEANS AFTER THE DELUGE GN written and drawn by Josh Neufeld.  Taking you back to the glory days of 2005 when Brownie was doing a heck of a job and nearly 2000 citizens of The Big Easy died before a certain Leader of the Free World was moved to joke about how drunk he used to get there in his younger days.  Recommended.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #603 by Fred Van Lente and Barry Kitson.  The Chameleon versus… Mary-Jane?  OK, that's more like it because really, The Chameleon?  I can beat The Chameleon and so can you.
ARCHIE #600 by Michael Uslan and Stan Goldberg.  Archie pops the question!  The Riverdale Gang is done with college and now it's time to make a lifetime commitment when you're barely into your twenties?  Reserve your copy now because this will no doubt get lots of media attention from reporters who like to use the words "Biff" and "Pow."
BATGIRL #1 by Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett.  Now serving Number Six…  Seriously, this is the sixth Batgirl to grace the mean streets of Gotham.  And you thought Robin was a high turnover gig.
BLACKEST NIGHT: SUPERMAN #1 of 3 by James Robinson and Eddy Barrows.  The dead Earth-2 Superman is back and he's got some new jewelry.  Hijinks ensue.
DAREDEVIL #500 by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark.  Kingpin, Lady Bullseye and almost no mention of Norman Osborn! How?  How is this possible?!
DARK ENTRIES HC by Ian Rankin and Werther Dell'Edera.  Here's how you make reality TV worth watching: Put John Constantine on it and watch him kick the whole thing upside-down.  Not for kids.  Recommended.
DAYS MISSING #1 of 5 by Phil Hester and Frazer Irving.  The story of everyone's first semester of college… No, seriously it's about a guy who can erase certain things from the collective memory of mankind, for our own good.  I nominate "American Idol" and anything attached to the name "Palin."
EX MACHINA #44 by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris.  Mayor Hundred descends into the rat-infested sewers of New York.  Is it fund-raising time already?  Recommended.
FILTHY RICH HC by Brian Azzarello and Victor Santos.  Spoiled rich heiresses and the washed-up losers who love them.  Not for kids.
HELLBLAZER #258 by Peter Milligan and Giuseppe Camuncoli.  Constantine must seduce a 2000 year-old demon, preferably without mentioning her bottle blonde hair, prominent Adam's apple and many appearances on Fox News.
MIGHTY AVENGERS #28 by Dan Slott and Khoi Pham.  Lotsa craziness, guest-starring the Young Avengers!  Plus, the coolest scientist in comics, Hank Pym!  In your face, Reed Richards!
PUNISHER: FRANK CASTLE MAX  #73 by Victor Gischler and Goran Parlov.  The guy in Frank's trunk just woke up.  That always adds spice to a Punisher book.  Fun stuff.  NOT for kids.
RED CIRCLE: THE WEB #1 by J. Michael Straczynski and Roger Robinson.  A callow billionaire is secretly a super-hero!  What will they think of next?
THE STAND: AMERICAN NIGHTMARES #5 of 5 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Mike Perkins.  The survivors of Captain Trips start coming together, for better or for worse.  Get ready for Volume Three: Sole Survivors.  Recommended.
SUPERMAN ANNUAL #14 by James Robinson and Javier Pina.  Celebrating 14 years since the Man of Steel first hit the racks!  Yeah, I remember where I was in 1995 when those crazy kids Siegel and Shuster took the world by storm.  Sure we lost Calvin and Hobbes but we got Superman!  Recommended.
WEDNESDAY COMICS #7 of 12 by Lotsa People.  OK, past the half-way mark and no idea how some of these strips are gonna wrap in five weeks.  Winners include: Batman, Kamandi, Deadman, Green Lantern, Adam Strange, and Hawkman.  Honorable Mention to Superman, Supergirl, Metal Men and the Flash for looking great.  The rest… well, they still have five more issues to pull it out.
WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #4 by Joltin' Jason Aaron and Rowdy Ron Garney.  Sure the Adamantium Men have him out-numbered and out-gunned, but they'll never have him out-haired!  From the team that made Wolverine stop sucking.  Recommended.
X-FACTOR #47 by Peter David and Valentine DeLandro.  Sentinels, time-travel and bi-sexuality.  Individually any of these can complicate a young mutant's life.  But all at once?  Hoo-boy!  Recommended.
X-MEN: LEGACY #227 by Mike Carey and Dustin Weaver.  Rogue learns the downside of absorbing the powers and memories of the Greek God of War:  An insatiable need for olives and awkward headgear.  Happy fun times!

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