Sunday, December 21, 2008

That Darn Toles ... continued

Balancing the Cartoonist
Washington Post Saturday, December 20, 2008; A15

Dec. 13 Free for All writer Jim Welch proposed that The Post use a conservative cartoonist a couple of times a week.

No need to worry; there are already two alternatives: George F. Will and Charles Krauthammer, both of them harsh in their agenda, sufficiently extremist and frequently sketchy enough to provide more than a balance for Toles.

-- James Oglethorpe

Falls Church


I'd like to offer an alternative to Jim Welch's suggestion.

I have no problem with Toles's politics, although I don't share them. What I object to is that he, like Herblock before him, is seldom funny.

I'd prefer a cartoonist who shares your editorial page's political views but presents them in an amusing, sophisticated and light-handed way.

-- Myron Ebell



Pay no attention to the letter asking that you not run Tom Toles. He is the best part of the editorial page.

-- Gloria Berg


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