Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kal's Credit Crunch board game, in action

I broke out the Credit Crunch game from the Economist today and got destroyed by my 10-year old daughter. My ex-high school teacher of economics father-in-law didn't do much better than me though.


Kal asked for comments. The using coins to figure out moves is a bit clunky, but I don't have any better ideas. Also when one reaches the end, are you supposed to continue through Start and go around again? If so, do you collect $500 mil again? (We did). We also sold our Financial Risk Cards, or at least bribed each other to influence the results. We only made it around the track once - two of us were bankrupt while Claire made it past the Start line with a few hundred million left. Overall the game was fun. I'd play it again. It's like Life and Monopoly mashed together.







Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for the feeback. I will forward your thoughts to the Ivory Tower in London. Your daughter has a great future on Wall St... assuming there is a Wall Street when she graduates in 12 years.

The board looks great enlarged as you did... did the printing hold up well?



Mike Rhode said...

If not, I guess we can send her to London which might still have a financial sector. She beat us the first time she played Monopoly too.

The printing held up well. I used the pdf versions (although I bought the magazine too) and ran them both through as maximized for 11x17" paper so it turned out to be a good-sized board.

Mike Rhode said...

As this 'story' develops - Claire has been playing the same game against her 17-year old cousin for days. Apparently this is a young person's game.