Sunday, December 14, 2008

President Bill (not Clinton)

At a used book store yesterday, I ran across President Bill by William L. Brown. This panel used to run in the Washington City Paper in the late 1980s - the Bill is not Clinton, but Bill of Takoma Park, MD who is chosen at random to be the president. Bill's pretty left-wing and had some odd ideas about how to run a country. Brown's artwork was done on scratchboard, leading to a woodcut-like look. The book has an introduction by Jules Feiffer. The story holds up okay, especially after the past 8 years.

Brown still does illustrations every once in a while for Washington papers.


William L. Brown said...

Thanks for the nice review! You and your readers may be interested to know that "President Bill," though retired from the presidency, is still around as "Citizen Bill." He has a home on the op-ed page of the Takoma Voice, Takoma Park, MD.

You can read a few panels on
my website. Click on "Citizen Bill." There are other links of possible interest, too.


William L. Brown

Mike Rhode said...

I'm glad to hear that you're still doing cartooning. I've added a link on the side for your website. Let us know when you've got something new out!