Sunday, April 06, 2008

Oglethorpe strip? Gibson Girl sketch? Wrightson Batman?

These and other questions were raised by some of my new acquisitions at the flea market. Here's some crummy pictures to illustrate the questions.

This is labelled "Oglethorpe" in pencil at the top of the strip. It's not one I've heard of, nor have I heard of the artist Jorge Mercer. A Google search didn't turn up anything for the strip or the artist, but I haven't checked my reference books yet. The gag is lame, but the art is interesting.

"The Story of His Life" looks like a Gibson Girl. It's signed G.F.T./08. Who? It's definitely a 1908 piece - the artwork is acid-burned by the mat, the cardboard backing is disintegrating...

Obviously a bit newer item than the others, I was ignoring this radio-controlled Batman motorcycle until Claire asked for it (that's my girl!). What's of interest about this is that a better look reveals that the Batman is completely modeled after Berni Wrightson's version as seen in The Cult below(picture from the GCD). That's got to be off the model sheet - why choose this version?

Comments, questions and especially answers are welcome!

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Mike Rhode said...

Well, today I bought a postcard of "The Story of His Life" by Charles Dana Gibson, 1901. The picture above is definitely someone else's copy of Gibson's work.