Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keith Knight coming to Washington Post

In his newsletter's latest mailing, Keith wrote that his new strip will be appearing in the Washington Post, and went into more details:

Finally!! I can now blab all I want about the top secret project I've been working on these past 9 months (the OTHER 9 month project)..

The Knight Life is the new daily strip being syndicated by United Features Syndicate!! It's premiering on Monday, May 5th (Cinco De Mayo AND National Cartoonist's Day)!!

Honestly, folks. This is a dream come true. This is what I dreamt about as a kid. It's the big leagues. I want to thank everybody who has supported my work over the years. I hope you will continue to support it as it grows and expands like an American waistline.


It's autobiographical like the K Chronicles. But different. It has to be, because of the format. It's a much more character-driven strip.

Sundays will be a combination of reformatted K Chronicles and new stuff-- all in sparkling, vibrant color!!


It's starting up in a few choice places (Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Detroit,the Washington Post and more) , but not enough places. THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN!!


I need everybody to send a polite email, letter, or make a phone call to your local newspaper editor and kindly request that they consider adding "the Knight Life" to their comics page. You can tell 'em that the artist won a 2007 Harvey Award for Best Comic Strip, and that their circulation will quadruple if they add it. Don't threaten. Don't nag. Don't be too harsh about other strips.It may back fire. Please be nice.

Newspapers will sometimes ask their readers directly about the comics page. Others sometimes do a test run of strips. The Sacramento Bee and the Contra Costa Times will be testing the Knight Life for a week or two, so if you're up for it, hit 'em with good feedback after they start running it. Remember: AFTER IT APPEARS IN THE PAPER!! I'll be sending an email out about it.

I'm hoping that it's not just another "Doonesbury"-temporary-replacement-test-strip as Keith does some of the best comic strip work today. I buy his books regularly and last year at the Small Press Expo bought a piece of original art. You can find more information on the new strip in this press release and at the United Features site.

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richardcthompson said...

Yay! The Post makes a bold move!