Sunday, December 09, 2007

Smithsonian curator wrote comics

See "A Local Life: Silvio A. Bedini: Collector and Scholar Pried Loose History's Secret Gems," By Patricia Sullivan, Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, December 9, 2007; Page C07. Anyone know any more about these?

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Mike Rhode said...

Peter Bedini wrote directly to me and I quote with permission,

"He wrote for a number of publications, including Topix
and Treasure Chest. He was still in Connecticut at the time,
primarily the 1950s. The stories dealt with science and technology,
such as "Fleas On The Floor" about the invention of the microscope,
"Words Without Wires," the story of the invention of wireless
telegraphy, and "The Case of the Twitching Legs: The Story of Electricity."

Are you aware of any publications that deal with the history of these comics?"

What I found was these four entries in Michigan State University's Comic Art Collection:

Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact--Indexes.
"Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact Index, pt. 2" / Dan Kocher.
5 p. in APA-I, no. 104 (Feb. 2004). -- "Treasure Chest of
Fun and Fact, v. 12, no. 12-19." -- Call no.:

Treasure Chest of Fun and Facts--Miscellanea.
"Comics Indulgence : Treasure Chest" / by Robert Kennedy.
p. 120-122 in The Comics Journal, no. 182 (Nov. 1995) --

(Beyond the Grid)
1. Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact. I. Kennedy, Robert. Call
no.: PN6700.C62no.182
Treasure Chest of Fun and Facts--Miscellanea.

Index entry (p. 94) to A Century of Women Cartoonists, by
Trina Robbins (Northampton, Mass. : Kitchen Sink Press,
1993). Call no.: NC1426.R63 1993

Treasure Chest of Fun and Facts--Miscellanea.
Index entry (p. 64) in Women and the Comics / by Trina
Robbins and Catherine Yronwode (Eclipse Books, 1985). Call
no.: PN6710.R6 1985

Anyone else know anything? Jerry Bails' Who's Who only lists him working on Treasure Chest for one year - 1948.