Monday, April 16, 2007

Non Sequiter non-compete?

Editor TOM MARQUARDT in "Comic strip changes go forward - with last-minute substitution" in the Annapolis Capital (April 15, 2007) says he was all set to add 'Non Sequiter, but ..."Then came an apology from Universal Press Syndicate, which distributes "Non Sequitur." It had to withdraw its offer - one of this area's metropolitan dailies already carries the comic strip and pays a premium price to prevent it from appearing in any competing newspaper. Newspapers can be as territorial as wolves."

So is the Post the territorial paper?

He's running 'F-Minus' by Tony Carillo (haven't read it) instead for those who don't care to click through. 'Pearls Before Swine' (generally good) and 'Pickles' (eh) were his other two choices.

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