Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jason Rodriguez's new book

Through circumstances not ready to be detailed here, I've found that Jason Rodriguez is a DC-area comics creator. Read "MAIL CALL: JASON RODRIGUEZ TALKS POSTCARDS" by Chris Arrant in Newsrama (April 18, 2007) for details on his latest project.

Also, after visiting Jason's website earlier in the week, I went to the link to Rick Geary's website and bought all the postcards he offers. I'd recommend that you do the same. Some are political cartoons and I'll try to do a longer post on them later in the week.


Jason said...

Hey - thanks for the post. I should point out that Geary is not in Postcards although I wouldn't say no if he wanted to be.

A full list of creators can be found here:

Also, we have a dc creator group that meets every month. About 40 people strong. Figured you'd be interested since this is a Washington DC comics blog:

Mike Rhode said...

Ah, I apologize for the error. I see you've got him under links. I've corrected the original post so the mis-representation doesn't continue.

Let us know when the book is out. I'll buy a copy.