Sunday, March 04, 2007

Richard's Poor Almanack

It's still not online, but yesterday's Post cartoon by Richard Thompson was another finger puppet - this time of Smithsonian big-spending Secretary Lawrence Small. My collection grows by leaps and bounds!

Also, he did an awesome caricature of Stalin as a home-improvement contractor in today's Post Magazine, as well as the illo for Joel Achenbach's column where he declined to illustrate the phrase "A nightmare for your consideration: epidemics of genital shrinkage."

None of this is online, of course. I guess the Post doesn't pay for digital repro rights for illos.


richardcthompson said...

Thanks, glad you like them. And my editor was grateful I didn't illustrate genital shrinkage, too. It's just hard to get reference for things like that.

Mike Rhode said...

Ice water.

Anonymous said...

Richard - please please please put your comics online. Today's send up of Mary Worth was too good to restrict to a DC readership!