Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Washington comics blogger Marc Singer

My friend Prof Marc Singer recently returned to DC to take a post in the English Dept. at Howard University. Marc's been writing a blog for years at I am NOT the Beastmaster. (I never thought he was, having no idea what movie he's referencing). Marc's one of the organizers of the annual International Comic Arts Festival -- an annual event that I enjoy immensely and which I believe just changed its name again.

Marc's got a very literate blog, as one would expect from an English Professor, and this post on Eric Reynold's anthologyMome was singled out today by Tom Spurgeon's Comic Reporter for good reason I think (although I reserve my opinion of Mome, because Eric's a friend too, and I only have one issue that I haven't read yet. Mea culpa.) Marc's also done some excellent posts on Grant Morrison which are worth tracking down.

Beyond our focus, his post on Casino Royale is excellent too - perhaps because he's seems sympathetic to the first Timothy Dalton movie, which I enjoyed as it returned Bond to being a stone-cold killer -- the rationale behind the 'double 0'.

3rd in a series of posts on DC comics-types.

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