Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oct 8 - Animation Festival - National Geographic

As part of their All Roads Film Festival, Nat'l Geo has a morning showing of animated shorts at their 16th and M Sts, NW location. There is a charge to see these.

Sunday, October 8
Traditional tales from around the world come alive in animated form.
*How the Elephant Lost his Wings
Tara Douglas
4 min/India/2006
World Premiere

A story from the Muria Gond culture about conflict between the first elephant and man.
*Pot of Gold
Nitin Donde
5 min/India/2006
World Premiere

A tale from the Warli tribe of Maharashtra tells what happens when a husband and wife find a pot of gold.
*Best of the Best
Leslie MacKenzie
5 min /India/2006
World Premiere

A vain mouse gets what she deserves in this story from the Gondi tribe.
First Fire
Nathan Young
10 min/USA/2004
Cherokee with English Subtitles
DC Premiere

Stop-motion claymation depicts the origin of fire from the Cherokee Nation.
Un Poquito De... (A Little Bit Of...)
Dominique Jonard
11 min/Mexico/2003
Spanish with English subtitles
US Premiere

Schoolchildren wrote and illustrated this story showing the fun lives of people living near Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.
Raven and the First People
Caleb Hystad, Simon James
23 min/Canada/2006

In the first of two new episodes from the award-winning series about Pacific North Coast tribes, Raven Tales, Eagle and Raven are at odds over how to take care of the world entrusted to them.
Raven and the Seawolf
Caleb Hystad, Simon James
23 min/Canada/2006
US Premiere

The first man is dismayed to find he has no skill as a fisherman and that his skills as an artisan are unappreciated, so he calls out a mythical sea monster to help him.

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