Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oct 7 - Get Your War On article in Post and other tidbits UPDATED

Pressley, Nelson. 2006.
Internet Comic Strip 'Get Your War On' Goes 3-D on Stage.

Washington Post (October 7): C1.

The article's about the staging of a clip art comic strip, rather than a review of the performance.

Also in the Style section is another of Richard Thompson's caricature finger puppets. Don Rumsfield will be joining the previous ones on my book shelves -- and pushing them around apparently!

The City Paper
also has a bit on Get Your War On. They've also got an illustration by Josh Neufeld on an article about rats. Josh hopefully should be attending ICAF this year as he's been a regular for years.

Over in the Washington Times, Zadzooks! reviews games and toys based on comics. Oddly enough, he's been doing this column for at least a decade and I've never run into him.

Szadkowski, Joseph. 2006.
Hong Kong Phooey bats at villains in 3-D action.


Finally, the Express had the Spider-Man Collectible Series 8 comic book, reprinting part of Amazing Spider-Man #4 - remember steal a copy from your neighbor's lawn!

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