Friday, October 13, 2006

Oct 13 - today at SPX

SPX's programming schedule


Kids Comics with Brian Ralph!
Brian Ralph, creator of Reggie-12, the graphic novels Cave-In and Climbing Out, and comic strips for Nickelodeon Magazine, will talk about his comics for kids and how he makes them.

Jules Feiffer Q+A
Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Jules Feiffer inaugurated the contemporary weekly cartoon format in the Village Voice with groundbreaking cartoons about psychology, social mores, relationships, and politics. Feiffer is also a screenwriter and playwright, and has in recent years authored a number of award-winning children's books. He most recently drew illustrations for The Long Chalkboard, a collection of stories by his wife, the comedian and writer Jenny Allen. Tim Kreider will ask Feiffer questions about his work and the state of the world today.

Tony Millionaire Q+A
Tony Millionaire's weekly Maakies strip is traditionalist and subversive, horrific and comic, beautiful and profane. Millionaire has also written and drawn the Sock Monkey series of comic books and several children's books. Gary Groth interviews the man whose exquisitely drawn strip about drunken animals, sea battles, and much more is arguably the most delightful comic strip on newsprint today.

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