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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Steve Conley on his Middle Age Kickstarter campaign

by Mike Rhode

Former NoVA resident Steve Conley is still in our hearts (and our pocketbooks) so we reached out to hear a bit more about his newest Kickstarter campaign to fund a hardcover collection of his The Middle Age webcomic.

What's The Middle Age?

The Middle Age is a fantasy, humor webcomic about a middle-aged knight stuck with a cursed, sarcastic sword and on a quest to rescue his love from dragons. The story launched in 2016 and has been lucky enough to receive ‘Best Webcomic’ nominations in both the San Diego Comic-Con International’s Eisner Awards and the Baltimore Comic-Con’s Ringo Awards.

Is the story open-ended, or do you have a limit planned for it?

It’s a novel-length story building toward a specific ending but there is has plenty of room to continue afterward. As of now, we’re currently four chapters in to a roughly twelve-chapter story.

You've done previous Kickstarters, including one for your green space monkey character Bloop - do they get less stressful? Have they all been successful?

Each one has been equally stressful and even though I’ve learned a lot from every campaign, every project has been different enough to create all new stresses. That said, the response to all three Kickstarter projects has been very kind and we’ve managed to reach each goal within 48 hours.

Is Bloop coming back? How about Astounding Space Thrills?

I would love to continue working on those but between The Middle Age and freelance work, I just don’t have the time. I’m hoping that as my Patreon support continues to grow, I’ll be able to afford more time to work on more stories.

Speaking of that, how is Patreon working for you?

I have to say it’s been wonderful.The sixty supporters I have on Patreon really help keep me going. The amount of money raised helps pay a few bills and the emotional support is tremendous. We’re now just 40 supporters shy of doubling the amount of The Middle Age comics I can produce each month. And I believe that having two episodes per week will do wonders for readership and help us just keep building momentum. Slow and steady!

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Kickstarter for The Middle Age Webcomic

Steve Conley Kickstarts The Middle Age Volume One
Selected as a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter

Cartoonist Steve Conley has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a full-color, hardcover collection of his Eisner- and Ringo-nominated webcomic graphic novel The Middle Age.

The Middle Age follows the adventures of Sir Quimp of Grawlix. Quimp is an older knight who is stuck with a sarcastic, cursed sword, and is on an against-all-odds quest to rescue his love from dragons. Our hero, is "aided" in his mission by the cursed, talking sword Maledicta, the intoxicated wizard Melvwyn the Magnificent, two baby dragons Jarn and Nittles; and Waddlebottom, the Lord of All Ducks. So, it's a love story. And a buddy comedy. And a magic duck epic adventure!

The Middle Age launched in 2016 and has been fortunate enough to receive 'Best Webcomic' nominations in both the San Diego Comic-Con International's Eisner Awards and the Baltimore Comic-Con's Ringo Awards! 

This Kickstarter is to create a large (7.5x9.25 inches), full-color, hardcover collection of the first three chapters of the story.

Kind words for The Middle Age:

"Beautifully drawn and hilarious." ~ Tom Racine, Tall Tale Radio

 "…the strip is superb, combining clear, charming cartooning and funny writing with lovingly rendered details and excellent lettering in a way that I haven't seen since Walt Kelly's 'Pogo.'… I love it dearly." ~ Todd Klein

 "I love The Middle Age. Genuinely funny, and wonderfully illustrated.'s all super smart and fun." - Joshua Dysart 
"...this is a fun comic." ~ Fleen

This Kickstarter campaign will run until Wednesday, August 29 at 8pm EDT.




Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seth Goldman and Talkin' About Toons photos

101_6565 Seth Goldman on Mission in a BottleSeth Goldman on his graphic biography of Honest Tea, "Mission in a Bottle" at One More Page Bookstore in Arlington. More photographs are here.

And two pictures of the Talkin' About Toons panel:

101_6568 Talkin Bout Toons Wuerker Rechin Conley Baumann

Talkin' Bout Toons panel with Matt Wuerker, Kevin Rechin, Steve Conley and Marty Baumann. NOVA Community College.

101_6569 Talkin Bout Toons Wuerker Rechin Conley Baumann

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


... also in Alexandria that day is Brian Biggs at Hooray for Kids bookstore. I think it will be possible to do both events.

Tyler Arts Life
Tyler Arts Life
This coming Monday!!!!!! Join us for an informative panel discussion moderated by NOVA's Rachel Martin and Chris Choi with the following cartoon artists:

Marty Bauman
Artist at Pixar Animation Studios, and illustrator for Disney on such films as Toy Story 3 and Cars 2.

Steve Conley
Award-winning cartoonist, designer and co-creator of His comics work includes Star Trek: Year Four, Michael Chabon's Escapist and his own self-published Astounding Space Thrills.

Kevin Rechin
Editorial cartoonist for USA Today, National Geographic, and the Wall Street Journal among others.

Matt Wuerker
POLITICO's editorial cartoonist and the winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning.

Tyler Gallery, Room AT-270  7-9:30 pm
Current Exhibit: Five Fantastic Cartoon Artists: A Look at Art, Process, Story, and Design

For more information, contact Lisa Hill or Britt Conley

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Conley's alternative 'Action Comics' No. 1

Artist Steve Conley shares with us this detail of a commissioned drawing of an alternative Superman via an alternative cover to Action Comics No. 1.  "Went with a strongman-style costume with vest and toned-down action," Steve said on his Facebook page

Courtesy of Steve Conley

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


101_6291Steve Conley's Adventure Time comic covers.

I stopped in to the opening for the exhibit (details at the bottom) and got some shots of the gallery, curator Britt Conley and cartoonists Steve Conley and Kevin Rechin. Marty Baumann is in one shot, and I had put my camera away before Matt Wuerker got there. Nick Galifianakis is traveling, but had a lot of cartoons representing him.

101_6297Kevin Rechin.

101_6292Marty Baumann's work.

101_6289Matt Wuerker's work.

This is mostly an introductory show and all the art is reproductions. The students were enjoying it, and asking a lot of questions of the cartoonists.

101_6285Steve Conley and his new book.

More pictures are here.

FIVE FANTASTIC CARTOON ILLUSTRATORS!: A Look at Art, Process, Story and Design

FEATURING: The art of Marty Baumann (movie and advertising illustrator/Disney and Pixar), Steve Conley (Independent Cartoonist / Astounding Space Thrills, Bloop, Star Trek, Adventure Time, The Escapist etc.) Nick Galifianakis (syndicated illustrator for The Washington Post), Kevin Rechin (syndicated illustrator - Crock Comic Strip) and Matt Wuerker (2012 Pulitzer Prize Winner illustrator for POLITICO)

The Tyler Teaching Gallery (Room 270) at the Tyler Building at Northern Virginia Community College/Alexandria Campus. 3001 N. Beauregard Street. Parking lot B has paid parking $2.00 per hour.

On October 21st, a panel discussion will happen with the cartoonists at 7:30 pm.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Steve Conley's TMNT cover

From the folks at Awesome Con D.C.: "It's our first-ever Comic-Con International exclusive variant, for TMNT New Animated Adventures #1. This book is going to be fantastic, and Awesome Con guest Steve Conley from Bloop did the cover art!"

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Awesome Con day 1 is a success

101_5541 District Comics panelist
District Comics panelists - Art Haupt, Rafer Roberts, Mike Cowgill, Andrew Cohen, Jacob Warrenfeltz, Mike Rhode, Carolyn Belefski and Troy-Jeffrey Allen.

The Con sold out of tickets by about 3 pm on Saturday. They had a good mix of people, and it was bustling. Lots of cartoonists tell me they did well. Nick Galifianakis sold out of his book. Dan Nokes made his table money back in an hour. John Gallagher and Steve Conley were always busy. Bill McKay's commission list went into tomorrow. Shannon Gallant seemed to stay busy with commissions too. Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Jay Payne launched Bamn #4. Carolyn Belefski was interviewed by Comic Riffs today too.

The District Comics panel had about 40 people in it, despite being opposite the costume judging contest. I think this has the potential to be similar to Baltimore CC in a few years.

BTW, New Jerseyan Jeff Shultz is selling his Archie pages for $20 each. I bought a nice volleyball page.

Here's some pictures.

101_5538 Chris Flick
Chris "Capes and Babes" Flick.

101_5537 Dan Nokes
Dan Nokes has a new compilation book debuting at the show.

101_5536 Nick Galifianakis
Nick Galifianakis on the way to selling out of his book.

101_5535 Bill McKay
Bill McKay.

101_5534 Dalek vs Dr Who
A good looking Dalek vs Dr. Who. I thought Daleks were upside-down trashcans on wheels?

101_5532 Starro the Conqueror
Starro the Conqueror - I loved this costume.

101_5531 Big Planet Comics
Big Planet Comics et al.

101_5530 Steve Conley
Steve Conley drawing Bloop in a Tardis.

101_5529 Jason Axtell
Jason Axtell.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

PR: Free Comic Book Day at Cards, Comics and Collectibles!

Press Release For Immediate Release
Free Comic Book Day at Cards, Comics and Collectibles
From the Store that Brings You the Baltimore Comic-Con...
REISTERSTOWN, MD - April 22, 2010 - In honor of 2010's Free Comic Book Day promotion, Cards, Comics and Collectibles of Reisterstown, MD will be celebrating along with the rest of the nation on May 1, 2009.  Come and meet artists JG Jones (cover artist of DC Comics' Superman Free Comic Book Day giveaway!), Frank Cho (Ultimate Comics New Ultimates) from 2pm-3pm, Steve Conley (Star Trek), and John Gallagher (Buzzboy)!
FCBD Special -- modern back-issues are only one dollar!  Oh yeah, and we're also giving away free comics while they last!  Our hours for Free Comic Book Day are 11am-7pm.
We'll see you there!
Our address:  100 A Chartley Dr., Reisterstown, MD  21136
For more information, call Cards Comics and Collectibles: 410-526-7410


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Steve Conley original art

Here's a couple of pieces of Socks and Barney art I bought from Steve Conley at SPX. He ran out of them at Baltimore Comic Con or I probably would have bought some more. As you can see, you should definitely seek him out and buy some.


Steve Conley original strip art from Socks and Barney - ahh, that Mark Trail.


History judges George W. Bush.


'History' closeup - click through to note the blue line sketch behind the inks.

Monday, September 28, 2009

More SPX photos

This set's new additions has local DC cartoonists and my friends for the most part. Many of the shots are by my daughter, and these are from Day 2- Sunday, 9/27/09.

Chris Schweizer. I love his Crogan's Revenge pirate story.

100_8158 Scott Rosenberg
Crack ex-DC journalist Scott Rosenberg.

100_8154 Steve Conley
Steve Conley. Steve was selling original strips from Socks and Barney for an insanely low price so I bought 2. (that's one of Rob Ullman's girls behind him)

100_8155 Rob Ullman
Rob Ullman, the sadly-missed Washington City Paper's Savage Love columnist.

100_8153 Carla Speed McNeil
Carla Speed McNeil of Finder

100_8152 Andy Runton
Andy Runton of Owly. Box Brown in the background. Pic by Claire.

100_8150 Jennifer Hachigian
Jennifer Hachigian who does Lore. Pic by Claire.

100_8149 Jim Ottaviani
Jim Ottaviani of GT Labs. Pic by Claire.

100_8143 Doug Bratton and John Kovaleski
Doug "Pop Culture Shock Therapy" Bratton and John "Bo-nanas" Kovaleski. I wasn't familiar with Bratton's work but bought a complete set. I think I've got a full set of John's except for minis.

100_8145 John Kovaleski
John Kovaleski

100_8146 Raina Telgemeier
Raina Telgemeier. Pic by Claire.

100_8160 Ed Piskor
Ed Piskor. Pic by Claire.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Comic Book Day at Cards, Comics and Collectibles PR

Straight press release here, but two excellent creators.

Free Comic Book Day at Cards, Comics and Collectibles

From the Store that Brings You the Baltimore Comic-Con...

REISTERSTOWN, MD - April 28, 2009 - In honor of 2009's Free Comic Book Day promotion, Cards, Comics and Collectibles of Reisterstown, MD will be celebrating along with the rest of the nation on May 2, 2009. Come and meet artist Frank Cho (Hulk, Mighty Avengers) from 1pm-4pm, and artist Steve Conley (Star Trek) from 11am-7pm!

FCBD Special -- modern back-issues are only one dollar! Oh yeah, and we're also giving away free comics while they last! Our hours for Free Comic Book Day are

Come help us celebrate our 25th year!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Baltimore Comic-Con photos

Here's a few - more of same (literally) on my Flickr site set. These are all from Saturday.

The hour-long line to get in.

Richard Thompson examining his free can of Monster drink during the hour-long wait to get in.

Star Wars costumes.

Andy Runton signing Owly. Photo by Claire.

Kids and comics - a natural.

Jeff Kinney signing Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Photo by Claire.

Danielle Corsetto.

Nathan Fox.

Steve Conley getting a book signed by Richard Thompson.

Don Rosa drawing Uncle Scrooge.