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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

April 11: Laura Lee Gulledge’s New Graphic Novel Book Launch in Charlottesville


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (March 5th 2020) - The Bridge PAI will be hosting a book launch for local author and artist Laura Lee Gulledge’s new YA graphic novel THE DARK MATTER OF MONA STARR. (Abrams Books)

This free interactive event for ages 10 and up will take place Saturday April 11th 2020 from 1:30 to 4:00pm at the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative located at 209 Monticello Road.

 This event is the official launch party which will feature hands-on art activities inspired by the book as well as a station where guests can learn how to make their own self care plan. Plus there will be a live reading from the book, projected drawing videos, free door prizes, and celestial inspired cookies by Bowerbird Bakeshop. Drinks from Potter's Craft Cider and signed books will be available for purchase.

The graphic novel is about a depressed teen named Mona who is struggling with her “Matter,” which is how Gulledge personifies depression. Gulledge, a former Louisa County public school art teacher, strives to use her stories to help inspire readers to overcome their inner doubts and fears through modeling healing, expression, and Artner love. In creating the book Gulledge received support from McGuffey Art Center, numerous Patron supporters, and a local SOUP grant through New City Arts Initiative.

“I’m excited that Mona’s story is part of a broader conversation about our collective mental health, especially for young people. Some have even coined this new sub-genre of comics as ‘graphic medicine.’ I think comics as an art form can express such emotionally charged content in a uniquely visceral, accessible way. For oftentimes when I’m struggling I don’t have the right words to express how I’m feeling…but I do have pictures.”

"I will also be at Awesome Con May 1-3rd in Washington DC during my book tour. Here's the book trailer in case you'd like to check it out: "

LAURA LEE GULLEDGE is an Eisner Award nominated author, illustrator, and teaching artist. She is the creator of the YA graphic novels Page by Paige and Will & Whit in addition to her interactive book Sketchbook Dares: 24 Ways to Draw Out Your Inner Artist. Laura Lee also enjoys exploring comics journalism, interactive event production, contemplative dance, street art, and developing the Will & Whit DIY musical. She is based in Charlottesville and found online at

Laura Lee's Website & Blog 

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Awesome Con Sunday photos

I popped back in for a couple of hours today and saw some local cartoonists I'd missed on Friday, met and was upsold by Neal Adams, saw Bruce Guthrie taking photos, and enjoyed more of the Con that I don't usually go to like the children's section.

Here's more local people...

Joe Sergi whose done a law history book - The Law for Comic Book Creators - that I'm looking forward to reading. Watch for an interview with him coming soon.

Jared Smith of Big Planet Comics; I can always find something in their cheap graphic novels.

Marc Hempel, Sandman artist who lives around Baltimore.

Mark Wheatley of Insight Studios. We're going to have an interview with him about his book illustration work.

Arsia Rozegar who's illustrating a Persian epic now.

And some pictures for fun.

Wonder Woman and Batman cosplayers in mail. They clanked.

Starlord and Gamora cosplayers taking a break.

A signing line at the DC Comics booth.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Awesome Con Friday photos

I had a good time walking around the Con yesterday, talking to local cartoonists and a few visiting ones. I did an interview with Andrew Looney of Looney Labs, a College Park-based game maker who has licensed comic properties and hires artists to illustrate his Fluxx card games. That'll appear in a few days.

I also quite enjoyed the science side and talked to people from NASA, the Smithsonian and National Geographic, and would recommend that as well.

We have a new correspondent who does live sketching at local events and we should see some work from him as he's attending today.

David Betancourt of the Washington Post interviewed Paul Levitz and Dan Jurgens about Superman at the Library of Congress on Thursday night.

Paul Levitz and Dan Jurgens at the Library of Congress on Thursday night.

Andrew Looney of Looney Labs with Doctor Who Fluxx game.

Cuddles and Rage with their new minicomic Snuggle Bites.

Carolyn Belefski of Curls Studio shows her new Sad Fish project, while Joe Carabeo looks on.

Michael Cho, comic book cover artist, is from Canada.

SL Gallant's new comic is the Six Million Dollar Man meeting GI Joe.

Local cartoonist Rafer Roberts has been writing for Valiant, but is about to launch a new comic, Modern Fantasy, from Dark Horse. It's in Previews now.

John Gallagher's kid-friendly Sky Dog Comics.

ComicsDC author Matt Dembicki showing artwork from his ReDistricted webcomic project.

March's Andrew Aydin also has X-Files comics for sale. He's working with Congressman Lewis on more stories.

Keith Giffen did my absolute favorite run on Legion of Superheroes. I was able to buy a piece of original art of his Ambush Bug character a few stalls away.

Colleen Doran has a wide variety of her work for sale, including Sandman comics.

Joe Harris is visiting from NY, and Andrew Aydin recommends his work. Rockstars is his creator-owned book that's just been collected.

Sean Causeley and Julian Lytle are tabling together and both have new books out.

Local cartoonist and illustrator Jason Axtell.

Local cartoonist Bill McKay does a lot of cover art.

Local cartoonist Evan Keeling works for the Smithsonian and also makes a lot of minicomics for them. These are free, and totally cool.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Awesome Con's local faces

I was able to make into Awesome Con's main floor before it closed for the day, and tried to say hello to local cartoonists.


In no particular order:

Evan Keeling represented the Smithsonian.



National Geographic's booth, with my wife's colleagues.


Joe Carabeo of Curls Studio.


A token Canadian, Ryan North (aka writer of Dinosaur Comics and Squirrel Girl).


Cuddles & Rage with their new picture book.


Arsia Rozegar.


Dawn Griffin of Baltimore.


Matt Dembicki.


Vanessa Bettencourt and novelist Jacob Falling.


The Frazetta family's booth (they've got some originals for sale!)


SL Gallant.


Jamie Noguchi in motion.


Marc Hempel of Baltimore.


The Red Skull with a cosmic cube cosplayer.




Thursday, June 15, 2017

Library of Awesome is open at the Library of Congress


In cooperation with Awesome Con, the Library of Congress has Library of Awesome, a pop-up exhibit on comic books in the Jefferson building, off to one side on the first floor. You have to look for it, but it's worth seeing.

The exhibit was curated by Megan Halsband of the Serials division, and features rooms of comics - Milestones, Wonder Woman, Marvel, DC, Children, Science Fiction and a final room for selvies with the characters drawn by the Library's exhibit department.


Comic books surround Amelia Earhart's handprint and a speech by Clara Barton.


The Milestones exhibit (including an original page of art from the first Spider-Man comic).


WorldCat only lists two copies of this Lost World #6 comic book held by libraries - one is in Australia. The comic was only published for two issues - #5-6 in 1952.


More pictures can be seen here.