Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Lily's comics from the past month

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My life is work, sleep, repeat. What happened to balance?

I'm ready to take real charge of my life

I created an emergency kit for when I'm feeling down. Here's what's in it.

On my worst days, I really need to be reminded of how much I am loved

A (far from complete) list of the roles moms play

Moms aren't just caretakers, but jills of all trades, masters of everything

As a former foster parent, am I a mom — or something else?

Regardless of the title, I'm happy to just be part of my child's chosen family

Pandemic days are stifling. So I tried out this technique to build optimism.

With 'temporal distancing,' the goal is to imagine yourself in the future

I was nervous for my first covid-19 vaccine shot. Now, I can't wait for my second.

Despite trusting the science, I still had anxiety about possible side effects

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