Thursday, April 22, 2021

Both Fantom Comics and Beyond Comics are offering the Batman / Fortnite teamup

From their respective newsletters -

If you missed out on the start of the craze that is "Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point", don't worry!

For a limited time, we are offering a second-chance opportunity to purchase ALL 6 ISSUES of the run.

"Why would I want to read a Batman/Fortnite crossover?" you might ask. Well, you probably wouldn't.

But, if you (or more likely the kids in your life) are a Fortnite player, then you won't want to miss the chance to redeem the included codes for exclusive digital assets in the game - including an Armored Batman Zero Outfit for those who collect all six issues!

The deadline for purchase is Friday, April 30, and you must use the link below to complete the sale. Purchase includes all 6 issues of the run.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point sale link:

Feel free to email us or call, if you have questions (fielding Batman/Fortnite questions has become a full-time job!).

As always, stay safe and thanks for supporting Fantom!

Fantom HQ


Don't Get Flat Footed Like We Did!

Pre-Purchase the ENTIRE set of
Batman Fortnite Zero Point Comics

At Cover Price ($4.99 each)

Get all 6 Including Skin Codes and get a Free 7th Code!
All comics come with a code to be redeemed in game. 7th code is in game only.

Orders will be filled with a random cover


As a result, we have re-ordered every issue with enough copies to fill all demand. We will not have enough first print copies available until issue #4. However, We will fill orders in order of payment received; filling with earlier printings until they are gone and then filling orders with later prints.

Printings noted below as guaranteed will be available.

Harley Skin Available with Issue #1

Scheduled Shipping Dates
These dates may be subject to change
#1 -       2nd Print –          Ships May 25
#1 -       3rd Print –          Ships June 1
#2 -       First Print -         Ships May 4
#2 -       2nd Print -          Ships May 25
#3 -       First Print -         Ships May 18
#3 -       2nd Print -          Ships June 1
#4 -       First Print -         Ships June 1
#5 -       First Print -         Ships June 15
#6 -       First Print -         Ships July 6
You have Two Options:

In Store Pick-up
You can pick up your copy of each issue as they ship on the delivery date noted.
You will not receive your complete set until the final issue is delivered as shown on delivery schedule.
Already Bought The First Issue?
Never Fear, There is an option to Buy issues #2 to #6 only.
Purchase Online Here!
Options for In-Store Pick-up and shipped available upon check out.
You can purchase In Store as well. Subscription Discounts not available on sets.
Get the Armored Batman Skin
After You Purchase and Receive All 6 Issues of Batman Fortnite Zero Point.
In Game redemption required for all skins.

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