Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "DNC Ramen"

From Mike Flugennock, DC's anarchist cartoonist.

"DNC Ramen"

 From the party that brought you DNC Dog Food, New Blue Money 
Detergent, Blue Box Chardonnay, and their Premier Donut Assortment now 
comes — DNC Ramen! Just the thing to blow that big-ass $2000 — uhh, 
that is, $600 + $1400 — stimulus check that we were supposed to be 
getting. Never mind that Gropin' Joe, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock 
came right out and said in front of god and everybody that their being 
elected would allow the immediate passage of $2000 per person in 
Covid'19 relief.

That would be two thousand —count 'em — two triple-zero dollars. Not 
the measly $600 and the "oh, alright" $1400 after that, which is what 
Snopes uses to give its master class in triangulation and "meaning of 
is" asshattery in an attempt to "fact check" what Biden & Bros said 
right in front of our personal faces. Luckily, we now have 
fact-checker checkers.

(includes full 11x15 and 8x10 "product shot")


"Did Biden, Ossoff, and Warnock Mislead Public With Promise of '$2000 
Checks'?" Alex Kasprak at Snopes, 02.17.2021

"Fact-Checking is Dead, Killed by Snopes over Biden's Broken Promise 
of $2,000 Checks", Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism, 04.08.2021

"#TBT: What is the meaning of 'is'?" Brenna Williams at CNN, 

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