Friday, July 03, 2020

New Kickstarter from Rafer Roberts

Nightmare the Rat Strikes Again!

Nightmare the Rat Strikes Again!

The second tabloid-sized Nightmare the Rat collection, an homage to early 1900s comic strips, printed like an actual newspaper!

by Rafer Roberts


My name is Rafer Roberts. You may (or may not) know me from such comics as GRUMBLE (from Albatross Funnybooks), MODERN FANTASY (from Dark Horse Comics), HARBINGER or ARCHER AND ARMSTRONG (from Valiant Entertainment), or the internet-famous THANOS AND DARKSEID: CARPOOL BUDDIES OF DOOM. But, right now, I'm here to tell you about NIGHTMARE THE RAT.

NIGHTMARE THE RAT is a mischievous little monster who preys upon the populace of Hell City by stealing their teeth. I began drawing his comics in 2010 and released a collection in 2014. Since then, I've been working diligently to complete Nightmare's tale. That day has finally arrived.

This Kickstarter is meant to raise the funds to publish the second, and final, NIGHTMARE THE RAT collection. 

NIGHTMARE THE RAT - The NEW collection!

About the collection:

NIGHTMARE THE RAT is an homage to early 1900s comics and the collected editions reflect that influence. This 32-page collection will be printed oversized (10.5"x16") on good old-fashioned newsprint with bonus comics and a sketchbook. It's the same format as the first collection, so they'll look great together! 

Put them side-by-side! They look great together!

This second collection completes Nightmare's tale, concluding with a finale that might be the most messed-up thing I've ever drawn. It is creepy and hilarious and unlike any other comic you have ever read.

Seriously. What the hell is this about?

Nightmare the Rat is a demon who steals people's teeth, forcibly sometimes.

His nemesis is a tiny owl named Morningbreath who poops in people's mouths.

The mayor and his goon squad are always trying to take Nightmare down!

Also, there's a cult and some kind of apocalyptic prophecy???

You can currently read most of Nightmare's adventures online, however, the collected editions are the intended reading experience. 

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