Sunday, March 22, 2020

Was Emily Richards the first black female New Yorker cartoonist in 2004?

New Yorker cartoon expert (and cartoonist) Michael Maslin has written in with a correction to the stories about Liz Montague being the first black female cartoonist. Michael publishes Ink Spill, an excellent blog on NY'r cartoons:
The first known black female New Yorker cartoonist is Emily Richards.

You'll see that Emily's A-Z entry notes she is the first known black female NYer cartoonist. We'll never know if she's the first. There are too many unknown cartoonists on the Spill's New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z

Emily Richards (Hopkins) New Yorker work: 2004 – . Born, Boston, Massachusetts, 1970.  Grew up in Oregon, Hawaii, West Virginia, and Virginia.  Attended Williams College and West Virginia University. Received a masters degree at Johns Hopkins University. Worked, initially, as a New Yorker fact checker before becoming a New Yorker cartoonist. When Ms. Richards married New Yorker cartoonist Marshall Hopkins they became the third married New Yorker cartoonist couple in the magazine's history (Mary Petty & Alan Dunn were the first, Liza Donnelly & Michael Maslin were the second). Ms. Richards (Hopkins) is the first known black female New Yorker cartoonist.

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