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PR: This weekend - Anime USA 2018 - New Guests & Epic Gaming

Anime USA 2018: New Guests and Epic Gaming
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A 20th Anniversary Celebration of the
Past, Present and Future of Our Fandom.

October 19th - 21st, 2018

New Guests

Epic Gaming



New Guests

Anime and Manga Producer
Industry  Insider
Toshifumi Yoshida

Toshi has spent more than half his life reading comic books and watching cartoons for a living. During those two-plus decades, he has worked on an anime magazine called ANIMAG, spent 12 years producing anime at Viz Media and 2 years as a producer at Bandai Entertainment. Of course, he's also been translating the whole time.

Toshi's past credits include the English-language versions of "Ranma 1/2", "Inuyasha", "Kurokami: The Animation", and "Gurren Lagann" as well as numerous amounts of manga translations such as "Negima!" for Del Rey, "Eureka Seven" for Bandai Entertainment, and "Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service" for Dark Horse. He is currently the Senior Producer for The Pokemon Company International overseeing the localization of the Pokemon TV series and movies into English and 16+ languages across Europe and Latin America.

Lastly, Toshi swears that he has nothing to do with Ken Watanabe's character being named Detective Yoshida in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie from Legendary Pictures next year. Go to, enter code NEWS2018 to get 15% off a regular/silver 3 day membership and experience all that is Toshi at Anime USA 2018.

Educational Guest / Author
Robert V. Aldrich

Robert V. Aldrich's writing is the result of mixing high-quality 80's cartoons with mid-tier anime and bargain basement literature. Throw in a few dashes of web comics and professional wrestling and you get something truly unique. Based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, RVA is a veteran author who published his first book back in the halcyon days of 2001. A prolific writer online, most of his work these days can be found at his website He's returning to AUSA to promote his newest books: Proton and RocKaiju. Go to, enter code NEWS2018 to get 15% off a regular/silver 3 day membership and come see Robert at Anime USA 2018.

Returning DJ Extraordinaire
Jay Nak

Jay Nak has been entertaining for 15 years, playing tunes and making dancers happy at the convention scene. His first foray into performance started the longtime event "Cosplay Dance Off", which has been running strong at AnimeUSA, Katsucon, Magfest, Escape Velocity, AMA, NYAF, and other conventions.
Jay has previously performed as a DJ at the Katsucon rave and is a Katsucon lounge DJ. Escape Velocity also claims him as one of their own, organizing and performing for their Space Party and Dance party, as well as curating parts of their programming tracks.
When Jay isn't playing tunes, he likes to build fantastic creations! He currently is professionally tied to his wife, Barb, as co-collaborators for commissioned costume and replica makers with MabieKnot Cosplay and Designs. Go to, enter code NEWS2018 to get 15% off a regular/silver 3 day membership and come listen to DJ Jay Nak.
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Epic Gaming

Come join us in our giant 20,000+ sq ft gaming room filled with all sorts of wonderful goodies! Enjoy the glory of 70+ free-play arcade machines from various collectors including Arcade Impact, Tokyo Attack, and Arcade Buffett. We will be bringing 80s classics, variety games, the hottest new rhythm games, and all the best arcade cabinets straight from Japan! We will also have 40+ consoles with everything from retro classics to the latest releases! Whatever gaming mood you're in, we've got you covered!

Feeling more competitive and want to show off some skill? Join us for one of our many tournaments! With Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros WiiU, Mario Kart, Windjammers, and a day one SoulCalibur VI tournament, there are plenty of ways to show us what you've got! Come be streamed and win various prizes!

Do you want to see the newest of the new? Check out the indie game section where developers showcase their innovative ideas and games! Browse and play test indie games alongside Microsoft, who will be on-site presenting their hot new games! Don't miss out on the fun!

Love having to go fast and also not knowing where to go? Watch and join Mystery Fun House as we show you the ways of blind speedrunning. Marvel in the magic of figuring out what to do and doing it as quickly as possible. Enter the blind speedrunning contest to win some cool prizes!

For more information on our gaming, please visit Anime USA at

This is just a small part of everything we have in store for you this year. Stay tuned for future newsletters for more information on all the exciting things to see and do at Anime USA 2018!
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