Monday, October 15, 2018

Nov 17: Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh in DC

from Just World Educational 's newsletter

Our biggest program this fall will be the two-week-plus tour that famed Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh will be making of the United States, starting November 6. This tour has the title "Picture This! Life & Art in Palestine". This tour, a follow-up to his great first tour of the United States last year, will bring Mohammad to numerous great venues in North Carolina's "Triangle" area, the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington state, NYC, New Jersey, and Washington DC.

We're still finetuning the details of most of Mohammad's events with our great local hosting partners. We'll post and circulate a full tour calendar as soon as we can.



But we can already tell all those of living in the "DMV" area around Washington DC that one highlight of the tour will be the talk he'll be giving at the November 17 opening of an exhibition of his distinctive linocut art, at Gallery Al-Quds, in Foggy Bottom, DC. (At the right, you can see gallery director Dagmar Painter-- in black and white-- and me reviewing and choosing some of the pieces for the exhibition, back in December.)

At the Nov. 17 event, Mohammad will be in conversation with Robert ("Bro") Russell, who's the director of Cartoonists Rights Network International, for which Mohammad is the a key Middle East Ambassador.

Be sure to mark your calendars and tell all your DMV friends to come to this super-special event!

The show will stay in the Quds Gallery until Saturday, December 15, when it will culminate in a fun live auction of any pieces that remain unsold.

Another signal thing Mohammad will do on this tour will be to headline a fundraiser for the Jenin Freedom Theater, planned for November 15, in Manhattan... Stay tuned for details...

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