Monday, September 24, 2018

Sept 26: Tom King at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis

Loads of awesome going on this week at Third Eye, including one of our most anticipated releases of 2018: HEROES IN CRISIS #1!

Not only is it the next big DC COMICS storyline to carry the CRISIS torch -- but, it's also by one of our favorite writers: TOM KING (MISTER MIRACLE, VISION, BATMAN)!

And, on top of that - we're hosting a big launch signing with Tom for it this Wednesday at Third Eye Annapolis! You can read more about that below!

This Wednesday is our HEROES IN CRISIS #1 Launch Signing at Third Eye Annapolis!

Click here for all the info on our HEROES IN CRISIS #1 launch signing at all locations!

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 HEROES IN CRISIS #1 delivers the next big CRISIS to hit the DC Universe, and we are stoked -- and it's by superstar TOM KING (MISTER MIRACLE, BATMAN, VISION)

Meet writer TOM KING at Third Eye this Wednesday 9/26/18 and get your copy of HEROES IN CRISIS signed!

Tom King is pretty much our favorite writer working in comics today, and the dude just keeps on hitting home-runs, with his latest release, HEROES IN CRISIS being no exception!
In this killer new series that continue the grand tradition of classics like IDENTITY CRISIS, INFINITE CRISIS, and CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, Tom King delivers a fascinating look at the superheroes and super villains of the DCU!
HEROES IN CRISIS finds us in a world of superheroes plagued not by supervillains and monsters - but mental health.  Hundreds of heroes experience a certain level of PTSD, and with that knowledge - Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman create The Sanctuary, a top secret hospital for recovering heroes.
This all comes to a screeching halt when inexplicably, patients start turning up dead.
With absolutely nothing to go on; the DC Trinity start to suspect it as an inside job - with Harley Quinn and Booster Gold being the prime suspects!
Like many of his iconic storylines, Tom draws from his extensive career in the CIA - and a bit from his personal life as well.  We're telling you - Tom takes it to a level that NO ONE has before, and we can't wait to see where he takes us this time.

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