Sunday, April 01, 2018

Awesome Con Sunday photos

I popped back in for a couple of hours today and saw some local cartoonists I'd missed on Friday, met and was upsold by Neal Adams, saw Bruce Guthrie taking photos, and enjoyed more of the Con that I don't usually go to like the children's section.

Here's more local people...

Joe Sergi whose done a law history book - The Law for Comic Book Creators - that I'm looking forward to reading. Watch for an interview with him coming soon.

Jared Smith of Big Planet Comics; I can always find something in their cheap graphic novels.

Marc Hempel, Sandman artist who lives around Baltimore.

Mark Wheatley of Insight Studios. We're going to have an interview with him about his book illustration work.

Arsia Rozegar who's illustrating a Persian epic now.

And some pictures for fun.

Wonder Woman and Batman cosplayers in mail. They clanked.

Starlord and Gamora cosplayers taking a break.

A signing line at the DC Comics booth.

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