Thursday, September 22, 2016

Splash Mob Comic - a local plumbing cartoon ad

This came across the screen yesterday:

CroppMetcalfe, local D.C. home improvement company, recently created the comic, "Splash Mob" to illustrate what can happen if a homeowner ignores the telling signs of a plumbing problem in their home.
I love the idea of cartoon ads. They've got a very long history especially in the Sunday comics section. Some are much better than others of course - the New Yorker in particular is letting cartoons be repurposed as ads within its pages (or else the NY'r cartoonists are creating new cartoons as ads).

I wrote back to CroppMetcalfe's representative with a few questions, and here's her answers:

CroppMetcalfe, a local D.C. home services company, came up with idea to create a comic strip. Luckyanson Prak, an illustrator and animator located in Buffalo, NY, worked on the comic. We have one more comic strip titled "A Hard Day's Bite" that will be go live in the near future. You will find both comics on CroppMetcalfe's Blog. 

Updated Sept 14 2017 with two more links:

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