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More 2015 SPX comics panels

SPX 2015 Panel - Anthologies Aren't Easy

SmallPressExpo  Dec 11, 2015

Herding artists for an anthology is like herding cats for a cat rodeo but when you finish the former you've got a brand spanking new comics anthology for readers everywhere to enjoy. This panel gets you together with Isaac Cates (Cartozia Tales), Josh Bayer (Suspect Device), Josh O'Neill (Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream) and Annie Stoll (1001 Knights) to talk about how to give up your life to the higher calling known as Comics Anthology Publishing. Moderated by Kelly Phillips.

SPX 2015 Panel - SPX Spotlight on Bill Griffith

 Dec 22, 2015

Bill Griffith, creator of the long-running daily comic strip Zippy the Pinhead, breaks new ground with his first long-form graphic novel, Invisible Ink from Fantagraphics. Alternating between Bohemian Manhattan and suburban Levittown of the 1950' and 60's, as well as the present, Griffith tells the story of his mother's long hidden affair with a man who was a cartoonist and crime novelist. Comics journalist Chris Mautner discusses with Griffith his move to the graphic novel form and the story of how he pieced together the true picture of his mother's life.

SPX 2015 Panel - European Comics and the Absurd

 Oct 21, 2015

The international traditions of the absurd, surrealism, dark comedy and farce come to the global internet through the hands of European cartoonists Joan Cornella (Spain), Bendik Kaltenborn (Norway) and Brecht Vandenbroucke (Belgium). Best American Comics series editor Bill Kartalopoulos talks to these artists about making comics that cheerfully transgress boundaries of nation, form and taste.

SPX 2015 Panel - Royalboiler Redux

 Dec 9, 2015

Brandon Graham returns to SPX for Royalboiler Redux. Get ready for a conversation on the state of indie comics with Farel Dalrymple (The Wrenchies), Liz Suburbia (Sacred Heart), and Ron Wimberly (Prince of Cats). Moderated by the Royal Boiler himself.

SPX 2015 Panel - Creative Collaborations in Comics Collectives

 Dec 5, 2015

Build a Comics Collective in your hometown! Local creators Andrew Cohen (DC Conspiracy), Monica Gallagher (Bmore Into Comics), Emily Gillis (Square City Comics) and guests Dan Mazur (Boston Comics Roundtable), Jason Green (Ink and Drink Comics) and Cheese Hasselberger (House of Twelve) discuss the fun and friendships to be found in a comics collective! Moderated by Matt Dembicki.

SPX 2015 Panel - Queer and Here to Make Comics

 Nov 22, 2015

The indie comix scene is one of the best places to find stories by queer creators and comix for queer readers. SPX celebrates queer representation in comix with Anna Archie Bongiovanni (Autostraddle Saturday Morning Comics), Yao Xiao (Autostraddle Baopu Comics), Hazel Newlevant (If This Be Sin), and Kevin Jay Stanton (Burl and Fur) as the panelists discuss what it means to them. Moderated by Dylan Edwards.

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