Sunday, January 17, 2016

2 new SPX videos both featuring local creators

SPX 2015 Panel - SPX Spotlight on Kathryn and Stuart Immonen

SmallPressExpo Jan 16, 2016

The incredibly impressive Immonens are comics creators who have done it all! Kathryn Immonen has written for Marvel Comics (Runaways, Journey into Mystery) and Stuart Immonen has drawn for Marvel and DC (Ultimate Spider-man, All New X-men, Superman), as well as collaborating on the wonderfully written and gorgeously illustrated independent graphic novel "Moving Pictures" and their 2015 release "Russian Olive to Red King." In this panel they discuss the intricacies of their latest story, one that visits the wild haunts of the Northern wilderness and the lonely worlds inhabited by broken hearts. Moderated by Jim Dougan.

SPX 2015 Panel -Tasty Comics

Jan 11, 2016

What's more delicious than the devastatingly perfect combination of COMICS and FOOD?! This tasty panel chews on the delectable dilemma of portraying food and its importance in our lives in comic book form! Welcome chefs Robin Ha (Banchan), Jade Lee (Dumpling Zine), Eric Colossal (Rutabaga the Adventure Chef), and Jessi Zabarsky (I Want to Eat Everything). Moderated by Head Chef Lauren Jordan.

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