Monday, January 25, 2016

DC cartoonist Dana Maier added to Go Comics site

I'm afraid I haven't been familiar with her before, but ComicsDC sends out congratulations. From their press release:

GoComics Introduces Four New Webcomics in January

More than 300 comic strips, panels and editorial cartoons are now available for daily and weekly reading online and via the free GoComics mobile app.

Kansas City, Mo. (January 25, 2016) — GoComics, a part of the Universal Uclick
syndicate family, is excited to announce the addition of four new features to its lineup of classic and new comic strips. Offering classic archives including Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield and Dilbert, and popular syndicated and webcomics such as The Argyle Sweater, Pearls Before Swine, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Jim Benton Cartoons, GoComics provides new, fresh and free content every day. All are available at or on the free GoComics mobile app on multiple platforms.

The Worried Well by Dana Maier

Dana Jeri Maier's comics provide useful advice, philosophical musings and spot-on witticisms. She shows us ourselves, not unkindly, as silly and vain and self-involved. Her cartoons feel very interior, a mind watching the world and muttering to itself. They're what that person standing by themselves at the party, not talking to anyone, pretending to look vaguely interested in nothing in particular, has been secretly thinking the whole time.

Dana Jeri Maier is an artist and cartoonist living in Washington, DC. She has exhibited widely throughout the DC Metro area and various street corners, if you know where to look. Maier's site-specific mural, Inscrutable Comic, is on permanent display at the Flashpoint Gallery in Washington, DC.

Read The Worried Well at

And John K is a friend of mine, so we'll point out his new strip too.

Dadding Badly by John Kovaleski

Dadding Badly documents one dad's experience of raising a miniature version of himself who can't talk, walk, forage for food or have any concept of proper bathroom habits.

John Kovaleski is a cartoonist and writer living somewhere above ground. He is the creator of the comic strip Bo Nanas, and a contributor to MAD Magazine. He is also a father of his own small human, who seems to be turning out OK so far. Fingers crossed.

Read Dadding Badly at

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