Monday, April 20, 2015

Look's Cartoonist Series - Charles Addams, Hilda Terry and Fred Neher

This doesn't have much to do with comics in the DC area except that I bought 3 old Look Magazine issues at Arlington's library sale this weekend because they had articles on cartoonists. The magazines themselves are going to Michigan State U's Comic Art Collection later this week, but here's scans of the articles (with a bonus Rollin Kirby editorial) and some of the ads by cartoonists will be online later this week. Does anyone know how many of these profiles Look did? Or have scans of other ones to share?

Charles Addams, Look's 5th Cartoonist Series, 12/15/1942

Fred Neher, Look's 8th Cartoonist Series, 2/23/1943

Hilda Terry, Look's 9th Cartoonist Series, 4/6/1943

Rollin Kirby's 5th editorial, 12/15/1942

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