Monday, October 08, 2012

SPX 2012 videos continued

One of the panels:

Sean T. Collins.
SPX 2012 - Gilbert Hernandez: Love From The Shadows
Oct 4, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

Gilbert Hernandez and his brothers launched the alternative comics era with their epoch-defining series Love and Rockets. Gilbert first made his mark with his Palomar stories, an intergenerational saga detailing life and love in a fictional Central American town. But a parallel strand of Gilbert's restless oeuvre has since taken center stage in new graphic novels and stories that combine formal play with genre experimentation to open another window into the workings of the human heart. Gilbert will discuss his work with critic Sean T. Collins.

Here's the local cartoonists:

SPX 2012: Warren Bernard
Oct 1, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

With the show over, the guys sit down with SPX Executive Director Warren Bernard to talk about how everything went: the challenges, the successes, the surprises, and, most importantly, the exhaustion.

SPX 2012: Ben Claassen III
Oct 1, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

Well after the show ends, Rusty and Joe sit down with Ben Claassen III and reflect on the show. It's SPX After Dark and things get saucy with a quickness as we discuss the future and how to make comics FOREVER.

SPX 2012: Matt Dembicki
Sep 30, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

The guys talk to Matt Dembicki and the trio commiserate about a life of hard to pronounce last names. They also talk about Matt's new graphic novel, "XOC", as well as the recently released anthology, "District Comics". Also, learn about stealing!

SPX 2012: Adam Bomb and Rome
Sep 30, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

Joe and Rusty sit down two fantastic young comic makers, brothers Adam Bomb and Rome, sons of Matt Dembicki. This is the second year the guys have talked with Adam and the first with Rome and both are absolutely adorable!

and out-of-town participants:

SPX 2012: Catherine Peach
Sep 30, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

Rusty and Joe chat with Catherine Peach, an exhibitor without a table but not without high fives! Learn about nomadic selling, possibly earned badges and dangerous high fives!

SPX 2012: Jeff and Adam Zwirek
Sep 30, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

Joe and Rusty sit down with the brothers Zwirek, Jeff and Adam, to talk about one of the big debuts of the show, Burning Building Comix! Learn about the challenge of making really tall books, the danger of a slutty Yoda, free cake at CAKE, and pornographic stick figures!

SPX 2012: Cara Bean and Sally Carson
Sep 30, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

For the second year in a row, Joe and Rusty talk to Cara Bean but mix it up a little bit by adding Sally Carson to this powder keg of small press spectacularity! The topics covered are numerous and, even more harrowing, they answer more than just one Mysterious Question! Change your life and change your heart with this quad-copter of love!

SPX 2012: Michael Bracco
Oct 1, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

Joe and Rusty talk to Michael Bracco about his return to SPX after years away. Learn about his new book, "The Creators", how SPX has treated him upon his big return, and the power of creating crap! Also, a very important discussion of Rusty and Joe's idea for Splash 2 (CGI John Candy!).

SPX 2012: Justin Rivers
Oct 1, 2012 by SmallPressExpo

Rusty and Joe chat with SPX sophomore Justin Rivers about his book, "The Wonder City", creeping out Chris Ware, and the pure love of taking a bullet for someone.

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