Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kickstarter PLASTIC FARM: Seasons of Growth in the Fields of Despair by Rafer Roberts

Project Update #5: ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (and stretch goals).

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As of this afternoon, we passed the 100% mark and are now fully funded! Thanks to all for you for your generous pledging and help in spreading the word. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you!

So, now that we've crossed the $2000 threshold, I reckon it's time to announce some stretch goals.

If we raise $2600, everyone who is already getting a physical reward mailed to them (buttons, books, sketchcards) will also receive a copy of Plastic Farm #22 (which I have just started drawing) for FREE. Here is a picture of the first few pencilled pages:

At $3200 we can put Plastic Farm: Fertilizer back into print (along with a new cover, a new bonus section, and some cleaned up lettering). Anyone who has pledged $70 or more would receive this automatically. (Folks at the $60 level can add $10 to get it, everyone else would add $15.)

We upgrade the interior paper stock on BOTH books!

We upgrade the cover from a UV coating to a nicer gloss lamination on BOTH books!

Thanks again for all your help. We've still got a few days left in this Kickstarter and I think that we have a pretty good shot of hitting some of these goals.



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