Monday, February 08, 2010

A new comic shop in Falls Church?

Missy Frederick is reporting that Victory Comics will be at 586 S. Washington Street. She notes that Hole in the Wall Books (which is a general used book store with comics) and Anime Pavilion are already in Falls Church.


Laura Daugherty said...

I just visited Victory today, and they're open for business. However the grand opening isn't until March, so they still are loading in stock.

The space is big and bright. They have a separate room for gaming with tables. They have a section for kid-friendly books and toys as well.

Eden said...

Not a comic book store, but Falls Church also has The Compleat Strategist.

I'm looking forward to checking out Victory since it will be, more or less, the closest comic book store to me.

Anonymous said...

Falls Church also has a comic book with gaming and toys as well as anime located at 115 Hillwood Avenue, Suite 10, Falls Church VA 22046. They also have an area for yugioh and magic gaming. The store is small but it has the largest selection of Anime I have ever seen. This store has been in business for 10 years. Their phone number is 703-534-1544. You should visit them while you are in the area. The staff are really nice and friendly.