Monday, February 22, 2010

Editorial cartoonist - New Yorker cartoonist links?

Tom Hollen has written in with an interesting observation, and a resulting question. Can anyone help him out? I've come up blank so far.

I'm a big fan of editorial cartoons and New Yorker cartoons. I was wondering you might be able to provide some background about political cartoonists who were also cartoonists for The New Yorker magazine. I know that ironically DC had two: Peter Steiner for the Washington Times and Christopher Weyant for The Hill. I think Weyant is the only one still regularly cartooning for both? Are there others?

I think it takes a special breed to be able to succeed at either type of cartooning, let alone both. I've had trouble finding any info on this subject. Have you ever covered this or do you know where I can find anything about it?

So, anyone in the collective mind got any help for Tom?


richardcthompson said...

Pat Oliphant has done illustrations and some stand-alone cartoons (though maybe not the classic black&white cartoons) for the NYer, as has Ed Sorel. Arnold Roth might also qualify. It's become more porous than it used to be, or maybe more elastic. Liza Donnelly has done editorial cartoon work and I think Pat Byrnes has too.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Richard.

I think Byrnes said he doesn't do editorial cartoons since his wife is in politics.

Do you know if Weyant is the only cartoonist who does both on a regular basis?

I'm a big fan of your work too!