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Comics on the Rack, Quick Picks for Comics Due 02-24-10

Quick Picks for Comics Due 02-24-10
By John Judy
ALMOST SILENT HC written and drawn by Jason.  Otherwise known as the Jason Omnibus from Fantagraphics.  This collects four Jason graphic novels: "You Can't Get There From Here", ""Tell Me Something", "Meow Baby" and "The Living and the Dead."  Three of these are out of print and all of them are an entertaining way to spend a few hours.
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #622 by Several Guys.  A Flash Thompson story and a new round with Morbius the Living Vampire.  It's been too long.
BATMAN AND ROBIN #9 by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart.  Evil Zombie Clone Batman versus the Batman Family!  Boy, if Bruce Wayne goes dead for five minutes the whole place goes to heck!  Recommended.
BLACK LANTERN GREEN ARROW #30 by JT Krul and Will Conrad.  Oliver Queen: Dead Again!  Mostly.  Awesome Neal Adams tribute cover.
BLACKEST NIGHT #7 of 8 by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.  Okay, so Nekron wants to kill every living thing in the universe but he still has a dark secret?!  What, he likes reality TV shows?  Jeez!  Still recommended.
BLACKEST NIGHT: JSA #3 of 3 by James Robinson and Eddy Barrows.  Evil, undead, Black Lantern Earth-2 Superman comes back for one more pass at wiping out the JSA.  And he's just crazy enough to do it!
CAPTAIN SWING #1 of 4 by Warren Ellis and Raulo Caceres.  Electrical pirates and things that are not supposed to fly in 1830's London.  From that nice Mr. Ellis.  Gotta look!
CHOKER #1 by Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith.  Let's try this again, now that Image is actually releasing this comic:  There are so many reasons this comic is a must-have, but among the most compelling is this: The female lead is a cop nicknamed "Dick-Puncher."  Described by co-creator Templesmith as "A little bit like FELL with a bad case of Gonorrhea."  Highly recommended.  Not for kids.
CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD: LAST BATTLE #3 of 6 by Garth Ennis and Oscar Jimenez.  Pope Jacko is back from Hell with a whole world of hurt for Danny the Anti-Christ and his loved ones.  And what's with Jay getting smart again?  Not for kids or the squeamish.
FALL OF THE HULKS: RED HULK #2 of 4 by Jeff Parker and Ed McGuinness.  Lotsa smashing.
FLASH: REBIRTH #6 of 6 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.  The Flash Family gets put in a blender set on "puree."  Of course for them that's like a slow gentle stir.  New Flash Facts start here!  Recommended.
HITMAN, VOL. 2: 10,000 BULLETS SC by Garth Ennis and John McCrea.  If you've never read the adventures of Gotham City hired gun Tommy Monaghan and his cohort Nat the Hat then you need to reserve your copy of this book today.  Re-released after a few years out of print, this collects issues #4-8 and Annual #2.  Highly recommended for teens and up.
IMAGE UNITED #0 of 6 by Robert Kirkman and Some Other Image Guys.  Beyond a new character fighting Savage Dragon, the paradoxical math on the issue numbering is the most eye-catching thing about this series.  I mean, if you're counting Zero as part of a numbered series you're always going to have one more than the number of issues you're advertising.  Unless you figure with Image's legendary lateness #6 becomes an imaginary number because we'll never see it during the lifetime of the Universe.  I have a headache now.
IRREDEEMABLE #11 by Mark Waid and Peter Krause.  Intrigues galore as Modeus gets closer to Tony and the remaining heroes are down to a skeleton crew.  Recommended.
JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #36 by Bill Willingham and Jesus Marino.  Nazis.  Is there anyone that sucks worse than Nazis?  No, and the JSA must remind them of this for the next few issues.
MARVELS PROJECT #6 of 8 by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.  Torch versus Subby, Round Two!  And now Captain America's on the scene!  Recommended.
NEW AVENGERS #62 by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen.  The Hood and his hoods are back to trouble the Avengers because no one has thought to put the Hood out of his misery once and for all.  Honestly, he's such a wanna-be Osborn/Loki!  If the Big Bad Wolf doesn't eventually eat this guy I will be disappointed.
NORTHLANDERS #25 by Brian Wood and Leandro Fernadez.  In addition to the plague outside their walls the remaining Vikings begin to get cabin fever.  Not good in a place full of swords, axes and such.  Recommended.
PREVIEWS by Marvel and Diamond Comics.  What you'll be seeing on the racks in three months, once the snow and rains subside!
SCALPED #35 by Jason Aaron and Daniel Zezelj.  Now that Red Crow and Bad Horse have eliminated a whole bunch of distractions it's time for a stand-alone issue about what it takes to live on the Rez, the poorest community in America.  So far.  Highly recommended.
SUPERMAN #697 by James Robinson and Bernard Chang.  A short breather before Brainiac comes in for some ruckus.  Guest-starring the Legion, Superboy and of course Mon-El.
THOR #607 by Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan.  Norman Osborn's attacking Asgard and if Oklahoma gets in the way, so be it!  Osborn hearts Freedom!
THUNDERBOLTS #141 by Jeff Parker and Miguel Angel Sepulveda.  Osborn orders the remaining T-Bolts to fight Asgard and the Avengers because… he wants them to die?
ULTIMATE COMICS ENEMY #2 of  4 by Brian Michael Bendis and Rafa Sandoval.  So the Ultimate Enemy appears to be a huge red fungus blob.  Or maybe it's the guy behind it.  Outlook cloudy. Ask again later.
VICTORIAN UNDEAD #70 by Ian Edginton and Davide Fabbri.  So Professor Moriarty came out of the Reichenbach Falls as a zombie.  By Jove, the game's afoot!  A delicious, tasty foot….
WALKING DEAD #70 by Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard.  Washington DC is a paradise and all it took was a plague of flesh-eating zombies.  I believe there's a lesson here.  Not for kids. Highly recommended.
WONDER WOMAN #41 by Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti.  WW fights Power Girl some more.  Here's hoping they kiss and make up soon.
X-FACTOR #202 by Peter David and Bing Cansino.  Still looking for the Invisible Woman.  And a better metaphor.  Big fight with Doctor Doom or one of his robots or something.
X-MEN LEGACY #233 by Mike Carey and Clay Mann.  Proteus is back from the dead and making up for lost time, evil-wise.  Punch-ups galore.

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