Sunday, June 07, 2009

That darn Post!

Actually, I mostly agree with this letter - a rarity - except for the 'understandable reaction' since comic strips are apparently among the most popular features of the paper.

Stop All That Razzmafrazz
Washington Post Saturday, June 6, 2009

Earlier this year, The Post reduced the number of comic strips it carries in print and shrank the size of those that remained.

This was an understandable reflection of the economic pressures that The Post and the newspaper industry face. At the same time, the comic strip "Agnes" was relegated to the KidsPost page, a move that was rightfully criticized by readers as not being the best example for children. It was then replaced with "Frazz."

However, KidsPost does not appear every day, depriving those of us who enjoy "Frazz" of two installments a week. When "Frazz" appears, we adults are reduced to searching for KidsPost and surreptitiously reading the comic before we are accused of being juvenile, or worse.

Returning "Frazz" to its rightful place with the other comics would be appreciated by those of us who pretend to be adults while enjoying the humor of the comics.

-- Ken Poole

White Post, Va.

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