Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fantom Comics update

Here's what their newsletter said today:

We're settling into our single store at Union Station quite nicely and want to thank all of our loyal subscribers for their cooperation and understanding. We're still negotiating for the Cleveland Park location (three doors down from the Uptown), but no progress has yet been made.

A note on tomorrow: it happens to be the single largest New Comic Book Day in Fantom history. There are tons of great books coming out. Blackest Night and especially Dark Reign are both represented. We're excited to offer the very first issue of Barack the Barbarian. (Union Station tourists can't get enough Barack, so I recommend coming in early to snag one of these issues that will at least have kitsch appeal if not a good story...which it might also, we'll just have to see). The soft cover of All Star Batman & Robin is finally out!

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