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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Al Goodwyn wins DC Society of Professional Journalists' Dateline Awards for editorial cartooning

While being excoriated in South Carolina for his cartoons, Al Goodwyn was winning a Washington, D.C., Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists's Dateline Award for journalism excellence.

Editorial Cartoon
Winner: Al Goodwyn,The Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg, Goodwyn editorial cartoons
Finalist: Alexander Hunter, The Washington Times, Hunter editorial cartoons

Fredericksburg's Free Lance-Star is one of his clients that published the three cartoons in his submission in 2019.

Monday, November 02, 2020

Al Goodwyn joins GoComics

D.D. beat me to the story, after Al's website posted a note last week, but he was graceful enough to link to my site as well.

GoComics Adds Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons


Saturday, July 04, 2020

Al Goodwyn takes 2nd place in Green Eyeshade Awards

Editorial Cartoon / Newspapers

  • First Place: Freelance – Robert Ariail, 2019 cartoons
  • Second Place: Aiken Standard – Al Goodwyn, Al Goodwyn Collection
  • Third Place: Chattanooga Times Free Press – Clay Bennett, The Editorial Cartoons of Clay Bennett
Since 1950, The Green Eyeshades have recognized the very best journalism in the southeastern United States – which now includes print, television, radio, and online.

Thanks to DD Degg of the Daily Cartoonist for spotting this.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New political blog from cartoonist Al Goodwyn (and a friend)

The site is

Here's a quote from their 'about' page:

Al Goodwyn of Washington, DC and Jeff Newman of South Carolina bring you their blog, Confederacy of Drones.  They expose the bias, hyperbole and out-right lies that prey on the gullible, the lazy, and the gimme-free-stuff sucklers.  And they often try to do it with a sense of humor.

How did they come up with the name Confederacy of Drones?  The confederacy of drones is the mindless segment of the population that blindly accepts the media, allows others to do their thinking and worships at the celebrity alter.

So enjoy the blog and if you have thoughts, praise or disgust, you can reach Al and Jeff at  Al provides the cartoons and illustrations, plus you can see a wide range of his work at:

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Al Goodwyn becomes the latest editorial cartoonist to upset a newspaper

Al's a personal friend of ComicsDC, and while I personally may not agree with his politics and cartoons,* he's a good guy, not a troll, and was doing a cartoonist's job in raising issues via a comic. I think the newspaper should have had the courage of its convictions to stand by him since the editors knew they hired a conservative cartoonist, and this cartoon isn't any more extreme than others they've run from Al.

I've included the note that he sent to the Daily Cartoonist too.

Newspaper Apologizes For Divisive Cartoon

Monday, April 08, 2019

Al Goodwyn wins award for Aiken Standard cartoons

Standard, Star win 18 awards from South Carolina Press Association

Also winning first place is Aiken Standard cartoonist, Al Goodwyn, in the Cartoon category. Among the winning entries by Goodwyn was his cartoon on overcrowding at the Aiken County Animal Shelter, which he donated to the shelter following publication.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

New children's book illustrated by Al Goodwyn

From the Confederacy of Drones newsletter:

This full-color illustrated book, "Help! Mom! The Swamp is in my School" is a hilarious and fun way to teach children the dangers of socialism. You'll find all of your favorite liberal characters applying their own brand of socialism as the kids attempt a bake sale.

It's written by Katharine DeBrecht and illustrated by our own Al Goodwyn. Readers can follow brothers Tommy and Lou and other kids from Bradford Plymouth School as they try to earn money for their school supplies.

The book is available to pre-order here.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Al Goodwyn moves into finals of comics contest

Al Goodwyn writes in:

Just got word that I've made it to the finals in this contest.  There are 15 cartoonists left.  Voting will continue this week and then a winner will be announced by the judges on May 10th. Here's the link to what they call the Amateur Cubicle where I have quite a few of my cartoons posted:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Al Goodwyn is still in Cartoonist Studio contest

Al Goodwyn wrote in:

Just wanted you to know that the contest is still progressing.  So far I've made it into Round 7 of this 10 Round competition.  They've eliminated 70 cartoonists so far.

Here's the link to this week's entry of mine:

Here's the link to what they call the Amateur Cubicle where I have quite a few of my cartoons posted:

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pat Oliphant at WHHA Holiday Book Fair yesterday

by Bruce Guthrie

I went to the White House Historical Association's Holiday Book Fair. 

I was there for two people -- Pat Oliphant and Peter Waddell -- and both were there.  (Another artist who was there, John Hutton, was also drawing Presidents so it was interesting to have three different artists with three totally different approaches to drawing presidents.)
He wasn't drawing anything other than his Punk character.  I asked him how he felt not doing much drawing in the age of Donald Trump and he said that he didn't enjoy drawing Trump.  He said that it was hard to draw a caricature of someone who was already a caricature. Living in New Mexico now, he noted he was afraid the event was going to be cancelled due to the predicted snow storm. 

During the 3-ish hours I was there, [local cartoonists] Al Goodwyn and Joe Sutliff came by.

Pat Oliphant and Susan Conway

Pat Oliphant and Al Goodwyn

Pat Oliphant and Joe Sutliff


Monday, May 09, 2011

Contest Result from Al Goodwyn

Al Goodwyn just wrote in-

Well I found out that I didn't win the Cartoonist Studio contest.  In spite of that, it was a fun ride and I really appreciate your support and interest.  I was fortunate to make it all the way to the end which made it that much more enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Al Goodwyn available on ArcaMax

ArcaMax, an email service for cartooning (among other things) picked up local cartoonist Al Goodwyn at the start of the year:

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Al Goodwyn's editorial cartoon newsletter

A new issue of Al Goodwyn's editorial cartoon newsletter has come out. It's really an email product, but you can see it here.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Al Goodwyn in International Day to End Impunity contest

 Northern Virginia cartoonist Al Goodwyn writes in:

If you have a moment check out Day to End Impunity.  I have a cartoon in their contest that can be voted on with "likes."  If you like their page, you can like my cartoon.

The site:

My "squeezed globe" cartoon:

Monday, November 05, 2018

Meet John Darrin: A Chat About His Anti-Trump Cartoon Book

by Mike Rhode

Early this fall, some of my friends among local political cartoonists started telling me that they had a piece in a new book. Author John Darrin commissioned over a score of cartoonists to illustrate Who's That Man with Mr. Lincoln, Mommy? A Parent's Guide to the Trump Presidency. Darrin himself is from Frederick, MD, and local cartoonists in the book are Steve Artley, Barbara Dale, Al Goodwyn, Clay Jones and Joe Sutliff (see the bottom of this post for his list of all the contributors).

Darrin's website describes his book thusly:

Who’s That Man With Mr. Lincoln, Mommy? is a political parody intended to discredit the Trump Administration in a simple, compelling, and entertaining way. Set as a walking tour of the Mall in Washington, DC, two young parents and their children play the alphabet game to explain why President Trump is the greatest. The children unwittingly expose their parent’s absurd explanations with common sense. Interlaced with penetrating editorial cartoons from award-winning artists, this no-holds-barred tale takes us on a journey through the deception and hypocrisy of the Trump White House.

The slim volume (there are only 24 letters in the alphabet after all) features a page of text with an illustration and his imaginary family discussing a word that has gained prominence (or notoriety) due to the Trump administration. The facing page reproduces a political cartoon and a brief biography of the cartoonist.

Darrin was kind enough to send me a copy to preview and answer some questions for ComicsDC.

You're normally a novelist? Why did you decide to write a children's book parody?

Yes, I am a novelist, and also some business-based non-fiction. A parody of a children's book allowed me to present the pro-Trump arguments in the shortest and simplest form and have them rebutted not by partisanship and ideology, but by simple common sense and honest questions.

And why have it illustrated by cartoonists?

Steve Artley's drawing from the Lincoln Memorial
I believe editorial cartoons are the most compelling way to instantly communicate complex ideas. And the weakness of a children's book format for an adult is the monotony of the presentation. Letting different cartoonists not only do their cartoons, but also illustrate the story meant that each page brought fresh and interesting imagery. A surprise with each page turn.

How did you find them?

 Lots of research and queries. Lists like Pulitzer and Herblock prize winners, the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, and different cartoon syndicators. Then lots of correspondence to sell the concept.

Did anyone turn you down?
Yes, lots of rejections. It turns out these guys are not sitting around waiting for someone like me to contact them, but actually have jobs and commitments. Who knew? The ones who accepted generally were excited by the concept and the chance to work with the other cartoonists.

You selected various terms for the cartoonists to choose from - how did you come up with them? 

I made a comprehensive list of words that would apply to Trump's administration (page 62 of the book) and picked the ones that I felt were most important. For example. using pussy or Putin as the "P" word was an obvious choice. But I wanted this to be a catalog of Trump's failings and Puerto Rico was no longer on people's minds. With the daily barrage of lunacy, it is easy to forget earlier offenses to the American legacy. Several of my choices were changed by the cartoonist to fit their interests, such as Ingrid Rice, a Canadian cartoonist, choosing NAFTA over narcissism.

Did you write the script first, and give each appropriate page to the cartoonist after they selected a term?

Yes, the story was drafted and then the cartoonists drew to the subject and narrative.

Unlike many cartoon books about DC, the scenery among the monuments is largely accurate even though not everyone is a local cartoonist. Did you provide pictures or art direction?

I mapped out the walking tour of the family and used Google street view to get screenshots of each location and gave them to the cartoonists. That way the story followed a consistent path.

How are you selling and/or distributing this?
Joe Sutliff's drawing of the Trump Hotel (aka the Old Post Office)

The book is available on our website and on Amazon. We have been trying to get it placed in retail stores, but we don't have a wholesaler so we'll continue to work on that.

There are two sequels planned: Who's That Man Scolding Mr. Trump, Mommy?, and Who's That Man Looking So Sad, Mommy?, about the Mueller investigation and the mid-term results, respectively.

Nick Anderson, Pat Bagley, Darrin Bell, Randy Bish, Stuart Carlson, Jeff Danziger, Ed Hall, Phil Hands, Joe Heller, Clay Jones, Keith Knight, Jimmy  Margulies, Robert Matson, Rick McKee, Joel Pett, Ted Rall, Igrid Rice, Jen Sorenson, Rob Tornoe and Monte Wolverton appear in addition to local cartoonists Steve Artley, Barbara Dale, Al Goodwyn, Clay Jones and Joe Sutliff.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

This week's Al Goodwyn cartoons


June 10, 2021

"You don't have to agree with him to recognize that this is a simple, concise, persuasive piece of work."